Sunday, July 7, 2019

Bobby's Burger Palace Food Review IV

Cheyenne Burger at Bobby's Burger Palace

Headline: Bobby Flay still makes one mean burger. My umpteenth visit to Bobby's Burger Palace (it's one of my favorites) wasn't just for fun. You could even call it "work." They just announced (for July) a new burger (the Cheyenne), and shake (Blueberry Chocolate Chip) so what better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than our fourth official review. This latest trip wasn't perfect per se, but greatness affords you a little wiggle room.

Atmosphere: It was hot as Hell outside, so I greatly appreciated BBP's generous A/C, not to mention the well-designed dining room, which oozes comfort. I grabbed my favorite seat (next to the fountain soda machine) and felt instantly "at home." This is a great place to dine in.

The Undecided: Onion Rings & Sweet Potato Fries

Food: The Cheyenne Burger is a literal work of art. Bacon, BBQ sauce, onion straws and your choice of protein (beef, chicken or turkey.) Smoked cheddar too, but I always pass on the queso. I asked for MEDIUM, but the burger arrived WELL DONE. Normally, that's a kiss of death, but the beef was still moist and tasty, so we'll kindly overlook it. And the toppings? OMG. Someone needs to stick this on the permanent menu right now: After all, July is only 31 days long. What am I going to do for the rest of the year? P.S. That BBQ sauce rocks!

I always order The Undecided, so I can get both fries and onion rings. This time, I opted for Sweet Potato Fries, which were (in a word) incredible. Perfectly seasoned, and just crispy enough to make them interesting (soggy fries suck, right?) Unfortunately, the three jumbo rings on top were surprisingly bland (no flavor whatsoever) and overdone. A rare (but total) misfire.

Last, but not least, a luscious Blueberry Chocolate Chip Shake (with whipped cream on top) which only cements BBP's longstanding position as DC Outlook's best shake. This one's original, and bursting with scrumptiousness. Both the blueberry and chocolate chips are balanced, and don't overwhelm the tastebuds. Creamy texture too. The only negative? A paper straw (it's a new law in DC) that gets soggy/unusable after a couple of sips. Otherwise, it's like drinking a little cup of Heaven.

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Shake

Service: Great service as always, although the BBP Rewards scanner was down (no points 😟) and some of the staff were a little too gregarious for my taste. Wish there was a way to get loyalty points after something goes wrong.

Shazam Test: Pretty sure there was no music (nothing on my app) but I normally write it down, so there's a (small) chance I wasn't paying attention.

Value: $8.95 for a delicious burger? No problemo. Ditto for a killer shake (even though it's $5.75) and some of the best Sweet Potato Fries I've ever had ($4.95 for The Undecided.)

Bottom Line: As I mentioned on top, it wasn't perfect (bad rings, overdone burger) but everything else was, so who am I to argue? Bobby's Burger Palace serves the best shakes in the DMV, with great burgers (and sweet potato fries) to boot.