Monday, March 17, 2014

O'Tasty Chinese Restaurant Food Review

10 Pc. Buffalo Wings with French Fries

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Granted, this is the pseudo creed of the United States Postal Service; but it could just as easily apply to the delivery guy from O'Tasty Chinese Restaurant in Adams Morgan. It ain't easy delivering food in the nation's capital... especially on the same day as an 8" snow storm that shut down the Federal Government; but that didn't stop my Foodler order from arriving an hour after I placed it.

While it's impressive that my order arrived in an hour... it's even more impressive that most of it was close to delicious. Allow me to clarify... close to delicious. Not to mention cheap, courtesy of an O'Tasty online special (two Spring Rolls for $.50, instead of $3.25) and a first order discount of $5. All total, I paid $13.65 + a $3 cash tip for a 10 Pc. Buffalo Wing special with French fries ($8.20) a 6" Hamburger Sub ($5.50) and the aforementioned Spring Rolls. It must be the luck of the Irish, in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

Free Spring Rolls (Actually $.50)

I received a call from the delivery guy's mobile phone at 10:09 PM, and came downstairs. He had parked on the wrong side of Connecticut Avenue, but came out and handed me my food in a sealed brown paper bag inside a plastic bag with handles. Three cheers for hot food. The Spring Rolls arrived in a wax paper envelope, and were nice & crispy. Taste-wise, they were good (not great) but for $.50? A steal!

Small (6") Hamburger Sub

Next up... my burger sub, which was served on a soft kaiser roll, stuffed with grilled onions, lettuce & two soggy slices of tomato. The patties were tasty enough, and had just the right texture (along with the bun.) No fries, but for $5.50... What did you expect?

French fries did come with an impressive decade of Buffalo Wings, and let me tell ya... they (fries) were fabulous. They were starting to get soggy (sitting in a styrofoam container with the wings for however long) but were really, really tasty. For carry-out or delivery, they have no equal. Ditto for the wings which were incredibly crispy and easy to eat. Half were extra large in size (yet still well cooked) and only two didn't pass my inspection (no visible bone, looked extra done.) You could literally feed two people with this $8.20 platter. Wow.

Finishing touches such as packs of duck sauce, hot sauce & ketchup, along with two Super K fortune cookies guarantee at least one return visit (or delivery) and you have to love my fortune... "It is much easier to be critical than to be correct." Just what every critic wants to hear, no?

Burger: B- (Nice size, and even better texture.)
Delivery: B (Just over an hour, but roads were OK at best.)
Fries: B+ (Best delivery fries ever.)
Wings: B (Crazy crispy, and well cooked. Nice burst of flavor, and a cinch to handle.)
Value: B (Even better with an extra $5 off the top.)
Overall: B (What a great, unexpected surprise. Way to go O'Tasty!)