Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DownBeats Product Review

I'm not one to fall in love at first sight; but sound... that's a whole nother story. In my field of work, one has to attend lots (and lots) of concerts, shows & sporting events: That's a lot of noise to deal with... something my 45-year-old eardrums seem to be tiring of lately. Enter DownBeats to the rescue. Advertised as a "cure for the sonic hangover," DownBeats are one of those rare innovations that actually lives up to its billing.

Downbeats come smartly packaged in a sturdy 2" aluminum canister (similar to a pill travel holder) with a handy ring that attaches to a belt, keychain, etc. Best of all, they cost only $10 a pair, and are available in three colors (black, blue and purple.) These tiny plugs literally saved my life at a recent theatre performance of Green Day's American Idiot: I was seated a few rows away from a set of massive speakers, and the music was literally pounding. They're practically invisible too, so most people won't even know you're wearing them.

How Downbeats Work:
Calling DownBeats "ear plugs" isn't really the best description. That's because DownBeats don't stop sound in its tracks like a traditional foam ear plug. Instead, DownBeats filter sound, ensuring that the highest quality sounds are reaching your ears while the harsh noises and feedback are left out with the crowd.

DownBeats take the sound, reduce it an overall 18 decibels, and channel it acoustically into your ears, making sure you have the optimal resonance in your ears at a sustainable level. Try them for yourself - you won't be disappointed. That's a guarantee. - Courtesy of DownBeats.com

They're great at live sporting events too... I used them at a sold-out college basketball game at the Charles E. Smith Center, and was able to follow nearby conversations without the hassle of overhearing idle chit chat a few rows over. More importantly, all exterior noises were muffled (band, thousands of screaming college kids.)

I leave them by the front door, and take them with me any time I'm going out for live entertainment. With the outdoor concert season just around the corner; You can bey I'll never leave home without them. $10 never spent so well.

To purchase yours, click here.