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Arts and the Brain: How the Arts Impact Aging & Vitality, October 2 - November 19

From our friends at AMP by Strathmore...

Arts and the Brain: How the Arts Impact Aging and Vitality

Strathmore’s four-part lecture series explores the therapeutic power of art to comfort, heal, and elevate a person’s quality of life

There is increasing scientific evidence that art enhances brain function and can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world. This fall, Strathmore has teamed up with AARP Maryland to present a four-part lecture and film series to explore the therapeutic power of art - from comforting, to healing and elevating quality of life. The series is aimed at people who are interested in their own health, as well as at teachers, scholars, and artists working at the intersection of arts and health. Arts & The Brain:- How the Arts Impact Aging & Vitality will take place from October 2 - November 19, at AMP by Strathmore (Pike and Rose.)

“We know the arts impact our lives in many wonderful, important ways” says Lauren Campbell, Director of Education at Strathmore. “This year’s Arts and the Brain series aims to look closely at how we might harness their power to make aging a more comfortable and joyful experience. The series aims to present innovative, practical strategies for harnessing the arts and help put theories into practice to alleviate suffering and strengthen vitality as we age.”

AARP Senior Vice President for Policy, Sarah Lenz Lock, JD, who leads AARP’s national policy initiatives on brain health and care for people living with dementia, will deliver the keynote lecture, Art, Aging and the Creative Brain (October 2.) She will reflect on how creative pursuits can stimulate the brain, helping it to become more resilient and resist memory loss. Are these effects only gained by creating art or is observing enough? Are certain types of art better than others for an aging brain? Does age affect our ability to be creative? What is the impact of art on people living with dementia?

We know about the benefits of music on the mind and body, but how can we put the principles into practice? In Using Rhythm To Strengthen Your Brain and Build Connection (October 16), Jessica Phillips-Silver, PhD will talk audiences through practical ways to benefit from the effects of music on the brain from the perspective of neuroscience and brain development, exploring questions such as: How does music shape brain development from infancy through adulthood? Why did we evolve to sing and dance? How can I use music and dance to live healthfully and build meaningful connection with others?

Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory (November 5) is a cinematic exploration of music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. Winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, this documentary chronicles the astonishing effects of music on individuals experiencing memory loss and features interviews with experts such as renowned neurologist and author Oliver Sacks; healthcare professionals Dr. Bill Thomas, Dr. Al Powers, Naomi Fiel; and musician Bobby McFerrin. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with experts from Montgomery Hospice.

Inspired by her own unexpected health complications and many hours in hospitals, classically trained musician Yoko K. Sen presents The Future of Hospital Sound (November 19.) Taking the audience on an audible journey into the world of healthcare like a musician, she’ll discuss noise as a symptom of our culture, how sound reveals the importance of caring for caregivers, and the future of auditory alarm design. Disturbed by the cacophony of noises around her, she embarked on a mission to transform healthcare by reimagining the sound environment of hospitals in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital, Stanford Medicine X, TEDMED, and medical device companies.

All lectures take place at AMP by Strathmore (Pike and Rose.) For further information, please visit

Sarah Lenz Lock, JD
Wednesday, October 2
7:00 PM
Tickets: $25

Is all art equal? When it comes to brain stimulation, the answer can be complicated. Learn about the impact of creativity on aging, memory, and more in this keynote discussion.

Jessica Phillips-Silver, PhD
Wednesday, October 16
7:00 PM
Tickets: $25

It’s just as important to exercise your brain as it is your body! Learn about the effects of music on the brain and practical tips for using music and dance to do more than move your feet.

Film Screening & Panel Discussion
Co-presented by Montgomery Hospice
Tuesday, November 5
7:00 PM
Tickets: $25

Award-winning documentary Alive Inside chronicles the effects of music on individuals experiencing memory loss. After the screening, join us for a panel discussion with experts from Montgomery Hospice.

The Future of Hospital Sound
Yoko K. Sen
Tuesday, November 19
7:00 PM
Tickets: $25

What do you hear in hospitals and what do you wish to hear? Join classical musician Sen in her mission to radically reimagine the future sound environment of hospitals.