Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Chicken + Whiskey Food Review

¼ Chicken Dark with Caribbean Cole Slaw & Yuca Fries

Not all chicken joints are created equal. Chicken + Whiskey, along the 14th Street corridor in NW DC looks simple; but dig deeper, and you'll find an oasis of deliciousness, the likes of which guarantee my (hopefully frequent) return... despite an almost 2½ mile trek (each way) to get there.

Atmosphere: Cool & comfortable dining room, bathed in unfinished wood, with a row of bright yellow stools along an expertly-spaced counter area that seats a ton of folks (with power/USB outlets below.) Ingenious design (just the right amount of space to eat upon) with upbeat music at a nice decibel. Whiskey Bar area in the back has a clever, speakeasy-like entrance, and similarly attractive design... although it's bound to be a tight fit when busy.

Inside Chicken + Whiskey

Food: The chicken packs quite a punch (zesty skin, flaky dark meat inside) and the Caribbean Cole Slaw is guaranteed to blow your mind. Great flavor with just a hint of spice, and no excess cream/mayo at the bottom of the bowl. Sauces on the side are killer good + the Yuca Fries are huge, fleshy and well-seasoned (not to mention, perfectly fried.) What more can you ask for?

Service: Pleasant, efficient and quick!

Shazam Test: Easy to register. Hip mix of Ana Mena, Luis Guerra and Los Rebujitos.

Value: Nine bucks for a quarter chicken with two generously-sized sides? Sold! Why can't places like this open closer to home?

Bottom Line: 14th Street is often hit or miss, but Chicken + Whiskey is definitely the former. Best of all, the impressive menu belies the humble serving area, and promotes return visits. Think Boston Market, only 10 times better.