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Tom Hanks to Receive National Archives Foundation Records of Achievement Award

Tom Hanks will receive 2017 Records of Achievement Award

From our friends at the National Archives Foundation...

Tom Hanks to Receive National Archives Foundation Records of Achievement Award

Gala program to include Q&A with Ken Burns

The National Archives Foundation today announced that Tom Hanks will receive its 2017 Records of Achievement Award. The honor, bestowed by the nonprofit partner to the National Archives, recognizes Hanks’ career honoring and supporting history through both acting and filmmaking. He will receive the award at the Foundation’s annual Gala, held at the National Archives, on October 21, 2017, at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC.

The program will include an on-stage Q&A with award-winning documentarian Ken Burns. Tickets are available at:

“Tom Hanks’ body of work exemplifies the kind of integrity and personal passion for American history that has become a hallmark of the Records of Achievement Award,” said A’Lelia Bundles, Chair of the Board of the National Archives Foundation. “As an actor, director and a producer, he is committed to storytelling that educates and entertains. And as important, his use of historical records highlights the value of preserving National Archives documents for future generations of historians, filmmakers and citizens.”

“No actor has covered the span of Twentieth Century American history as broadly as honoree Tom Hanks," said Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero. “He's served in World War II (in both the European and Pacific Theaters), negotiated for the U.S. in the Cold War, fought in Vietnam, worked in Congress, and led the space program. He's fought pirates and deadly viruses, befriended mermaids, and saved both Private Ryan and Gary Powers. Off-screen, he supports military veterans and caregivers, environmental issues and the space program. Furthermore, Tom's a self-described 'geek' who collects and still uses typewriters - two characteristics that alone make him worthy of this honor! He's also been called ‘the coolest guy ever,’ which gives us geeks at the National Archives hope. In addition to his many honors including his place in the Army Ranger Hall of Fame, his two Oscars, and the asteroid named for him, I am proud to honor Tom with our Records of Achievement Award.”

The Foundation will honor Tom Hanks for his powerful illumination of the American story through his vast body of work in film and television during the past four decades. From Apollo 13 to The Pacific, Hanks has trained his discerning eye on some of our nation's most significant moments and made them relevant to a new generation and to the world. As an actor (Saving Private Ryan), director (Band of Brothers), and producer (John Adams), Hanks continues to bring to life the American narrative through stories that might otherwise fade from our collective memory. In addition, through financial support to a variety of history-related causes, Hanks has shown in more ways than one his longstanding commitment to spreading the triumphant, as well as the challenging, lessons of American history.

“As a dive into archives of almost any kind is, to me, a swim in the finest of waters, I’m dazzled to be a part of this event,” said Mr. Hanks. “Part of my job has always been one not far from that of a lay-Historian, to understand that I am a part of the documenting of the human condition and the American idea, even in the silliest of stories. My hope is that the event is as enjoyable as possible for those who attend; that a Night of Work is not required.”

Added Mr. Burns, who also serves as a member of the National Archives Foundation Board: “We are thrilled to be honoring Tom Hanks. It is difficult to comprehend and appreciate his enormous contribution to our cultural life; that he has over the decades of his extraordinary professional life chosen to focus so much of his energies on this thing we call the American Project; that his work has evinced an active genuine interest in the facts of the history of this country; that he has done all this celebrating not only familiar American heroes, whom he has endowed with an achingly transcendent humanity, but that he has chosen to similarly celebrate, and thereby elevate, those unsung heroes, those so-called ‘ordinary people,’ who are asked to do the truly hard work of preserving the freedoms and values of our Republic. Those of us at the National Archives Foundation cannot think of a better choice to receive our Records of Achievement Award.”

The Records of Achievement Award is the highest honor given by the National Archives Foundation to an individual whose work has fostered a broader national awareness of the history and identity of the United States through the use of original National Archives records. Previous recipients of the Foundation’s award include: Steven Spielberg, Ken Burns, David M. Rubenstein, the late John Hope Franklin, David McCullough, Tom Brokaw, Annette Gordon-Reed, Brian Lamb and C-SPAN, James McPherson, Robert Edsel, Taylor Branch, and the stars and creators of the Broadway musical “Hamilton”: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail, and Ron Chernow.

The 2017 Records of Achievement Award Ceremony and Gala is made possible in part by AT&T, Governor Jim and Janet Blanchard, and Edgeworth Economics.

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