Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Harrar Coffee Joins Forces with Parkview Businesses to Dish Up Health This February

From our friends at Harrar Coffee & Roastery...

This February, premier Ethiopian coffee roaster and retailer Harrar Coffee and Roastery has joined forces with two Parkview businesses to help neighborhood residents get and stay healthy.

“We are proud to team up with these businesses to promote good health in the community,” says Roman Mengesha, Manager at Harrar Coffee and Roastery. “Many consumers aren’t aware of the considerable research-based evidence for the many health benefits of coffee, from warding off type 2 diabetes, to promoting a healthy heart.”

Visitors can stop by any of the three participating Georgia Avenue businesses - Harrar, Yoga Heights, and NuVegan Café (formerly known as Woodlands Vegan Bistro) - to pick up a free card offering discounts for all three businesses throughout the month of February.

Harrar, which opened its cozy Georgia Avenue cafe in 2012, delivers outstanding coffee to the community with a touch of tradition. The business offers Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies to introduce the District to the rich flavor and culture of Ethiopian coffee.

“Performing the ceremony is obligatory in the presence of a visitor no matter the time of the day,” says Mengesha. “We only use fresh roasted coffee beans to preserve the quality and taste, which is why we take our time and roast the green coffee beans in front of guests. When performing the ceremony we only uses Ethiopian coffees and select from Harrar, Limu, Yirgacheffe, Amaro Gayo and Sidama coffee beans.”

Practiced as an act of respect and kindness, the coffee roasting ceremony is a part of the fabric of social and cultural life in Ethiopia, still passed on through generations. The ceremony is usually conducted by a woman dressed in traditional Ethiopian clothing. An invitation to a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship and respect. What makes this tradition even more coveted is the care and details taken in every steps of the process, from washing the green coffee beans, to roasting them, and mindfully serving the coffee to guests.