Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Saucy Fish Co. Food Review

Is there anything more intimidating to cook than fish? Shellfish are relatively easy; but the more delicate varieties (haddock, salmon, sea bass, etc.) require more patience, skill and luck to prepare. Wouldn't it be great if someone could make it practically idiot-proof? Enter The Saucy Fish Co. to the rescue. Based out of Grimsby, England, a seaport near the North Sea, The Saucy Fish Co. has done just that (and then some.) Open the pack. Place fish in oven. Set timer. Take out of oven. Apply sauce. Feast.

Can you hear that? It's the sound of single guys (and gals) rejoicing over their newfound ability to cook... real food, no less (you weren't counting Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks as cooking, were you?) Available at Giant Food, each pack retails for $6.99. Great on its own, or add on top of couscous, pasta, rice or a salad to make a complete meal. FYI: The Saucy Fish Co. is a member of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition. That means you can rest a little easier, knowing the fish is responsibly sourced.

Salmon with Chili, Lime & Ginger Dressing

As for taste, if you like salmon... prepare to be blown away by The Saucy Fish Co.'s sauces. Tomato & Chili Chutney rules the roost; with Sweet Soy & Chili Dressing a close second. You could prepare the fish with the sauce; but I prefer to apply the sauce after, running it under warm water for a minute or two. Each salmon fillet (you get two in a pack) is incredibly tender and surprisingly fresh: Thank The Saucy Fish Co.'s extra-tight vacuum packaging for that. The tilapia is spectacular (you'd swear you fished it out from the Waterfront all by yourself.)

Salmon with Sweet Soy & Chili Dressing

I took photos of each before adding a starch (couscous) and vegetables (carrots, corn and peas... why mess with perfection?) You get great colors on their own; but the final product looks like you slaved over a hot stove for an hour or two. You might want to brush up on your embellishing skills... Why waste a great chance to compare yourself to Gordon Ramsay? Easy-to-follow instructions are plainly marked on the outside packaging; and you can pan fry the fish, if you prefer. To me however, baking is so much easier (to cook and clean.)

Salmon with Tomato & Chili Chutney

One final caveat (did I mention how easy it is, to prepare?) you can leave a couple of packs in your freezer, and take them out whenever you need them. Their full line is even more impressive (seasoned Tuna!) but I'm not sure if all items will be available stateside from the word GO. We sampled four. Great packaging. Flaky fish. Zesty sauces. What more can you hope for? Perhaps that "someone special" to show off your new cooking skills to? Unfortunately, you're on your own for that one. Bon app├ętit!

Tilapia with Mango & Chili Sauce

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