Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rosa Mexicano Celebrates 30th Anniversary

From our friends at Rosa Mexicano...

Rosa Mexicano proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary with a tribute to their founder and Chef Josefina Howard, who’s vision of serving authentic, regionally-inspired Mexican cuisine redefined New York’s perception of Mexican cooking and launched a movement in Mexican dining. The celebration is a collaboration with some of the nation’s most influential Mexican chefs - Mario Hernandez, Roberto Santibanez, Richard Sandoval and Sue Torres - paying homage to Chef Howard and the ongoing evolution of Mexican gastronomy. Beginning September 10, Rosa Mexicano restaurants nationwide will invite guests to savor dishes from the past three decades with the Desde 1984 menu. From the traditional Tamal con Huitlacoche en Cazuela (Cornmeal topped with mushroom and salsa ranchera, served in a traditional cazuela); to the Crepas con Camarones (crepas filled with shrimp, covered with a chile pasilla sauce and sprinkled with cheese) Rosa Mexicano will revive menu classics via rotating Desde 1984 specials for an entire year; offered as a $30 menu or a la carte (complete menu below).

In 1984, Chef Josefina Howard opened the first Rosa Mexicano in New York City’s Midtown East. As Chef, gastronomic historian and wanderlust, Howard found in Mexico “pure, unique, and extraordinary flavors that represented the endless frontier of the palate: a cuisine full of possibilities and surprises that inspired in me an undying passion.” She introduced these authentic flavors to New York, redefining the city’s perception of Mexican cuisine.

Rosa Mexicano has since grown. CEO Tom Dillon notes, “Thirty years since Rosa Mexicano debuted, the demand for authentic and regional flavors of Mexican food in the US has exploded. We now have 14 restaurants, and we have stayed true to Josefina’s vision while expanding from the East Coast to the West Coast and abroad.”

On Monday, October 6th from 7-10pm, Rosa Mexicano will host a 30th Anniversary celebration, at its original First Avenue restaurant in Midtown East (1063 First Ave. at 58th St.). Just as Josefina praised “individuals through the centuries who created, developed and loved Mexican cuisine, not only for how good it tasted but also for the cultural significance that it embodied,” Rosa Mexicano has invited some of the nation’s most influential Mexican chefs to celebrate Rosa’s achievements and the ongoing exploration of Mexican cooking. For $75 (beverage included) guests can enjoy a taste-around and cocktail reception with the chance to meet chefs Mario Hernandez (The Black Ant), Roberto Santibanez (Fonda) Richard Sandoval (Richard Sandoval Restaurant Group) and Sue Torres (Sueños). Each chef will prepare a dish that reflects their vision of Mexico.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, which was founded in 2001 on the belief that education and vocational training are key to escaping the poverty trap. Rosa Mexicano will be working with this important foundation to develop a program for aspiring Chefs and Restaurateurs.

Included below is the debut Desde 1984 menu, which will be offered September 10th - October 12th at Rosa Mexicano restaurants nationwide. Upcoming additions to the year-long specials will include the storied Tablas de Monterrey (Beef ribs brushed with lemon and beer with served with a variety of chile sauces); and the popular Empanadas de Jaiba (Crispy corn empanadas filled with jumbo lump crab meat). Available a la carte or as a special menu ($30), excluding the price of dessert at NYC restaurants. Rosa Mexicano will also be serving the anniversary Margarita Rosa (Pomegranate and prickly pear-infused El Jimador blanco, pomegranate, lime and organic agave nectar) starting September 10th:

DESDE 1984
Tamale con Huitlacoche en Cazuela
Corn meal topped with huitlacoche and salsa ranchera, served in a traditional cazuela.
Taquitos de Tinga Poblana
Small, soft corn tortillas filled with sautéed shredded pork, smoked chile chipotle, onions and tomato, topped with pico de gallo.
Empanadas de Jaiba  
Crispy corn empanadas filled with jumbo lump crab meat, served with avocado-tomatillo salsa.

Crepas con Camarones 
Crepas filled with shrimp, covered with a chile pasilla sauce and sprinkled with cheese.
Enchiladas de Mole Poblano
Two tortillas filled with shredded chicken and topped with mole sauce, sliced onions and crumbled cheese.
Filete con Hongos
Pan seared filet mignon covered with a wild mushroom-tequila cream sauce.

Crepas de Cajeta
Crepes folded and served with a rich caramel sauce.
Copa de Mango
Fresh whole mango scooped and filled with diced mangoes and coconut ice cream. Topped with raspberry sauce and buñuelos.

COCKTAIL (not included in $30 prix fixe)
Margarita Rosa
Pomegranate and prickly pear-infused El Jimador blanco, pomegranate, lime and organic agave nectar

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To purchase tickets for the October 6th event in NYC, visit or call (212) 753-7407.

About Rosa Mexicano:
Rosa Mexicano, established in 1984, introduced authentic, regionally-inspired Mexican cuisine - what was then perceived as a “new” interpretation of Mexican dining - to the Manhattan restaurant scene at its flagship location in Midtown East. In 2000, the next generation of Rosa Mexicano was ushered in with the opening of a second location near Lincoln Center, once again breaking new ground by featuring a stunning modern interior inspired by contemporary Mexican architecture and establishing the vibrant signature style of restaurants to come. Today, the growing restaurant group has fourteen locations nationwide in New York City; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; Hackensack, NJ; National Harbor, MD; Los Angeles, CA; Washington DC; Chevy Chase; Downtown Minneapolis, Boston and San Francisco, plus three locations abroad, one in Panama City and two in Dubai. Rosa Mexicano continues its commitment to delivering authentic, regionally-inspired Mexican cuisine in an accessible, stylish and festive atmosphere.