Friday, September 12, 2014

TbSP: The Best Sandwich Place Food Review

Classic Burger

I wonder whose idea it was, to name The Best Sandwich Place... The Best Sandwich Place. There ought to be a law against outright lying; and trust me, there's no way this place is the best at anything. Warning: The following review ain't gonna be pretty.

How could it be? From the moment I walked in, I had the feeling I wasn't welcome. For starters, I received no greeting; and when I tried to order a Classic Burger, the cook/order taker laughed, and said something in Spanish to one of his co-workers. A few moments later, he dumped two balls of meat on the grill and continued talking to his co-worker. I interrupted, and asked for French Fries (an additional $1.99) with my burger... to which he replied, "Not now." I asked, "When?" and received no reply. Friday at 11:30 AM, and no french fries? Sounds dumb, odd or both.

Meanwhile, at the front counter, another customer was complaining about the lack of prices at the salad bar. She wanted to know why she was charged different prices on different days for the same order. She was paying with a Platinum American Express card, and appeared to be at least a semi-regular customer. Her complaints went unanswered, because nobody on staff appeared to speak English (at least enough to communicate properly.) I counted half a dozen employees (and only three total customers, including myself.) The third person came in a few seconds earlier, and asked if she could order breakfast. She was told no (with an expressionless grunt.) I took a glance at the menu board, and saw that no times were posted; but the potential customer just shrugged and left. I wonder if she'll be coming back soon? Hopefully not (for her sake.)

I spotted a sign that read, "Grand Opening Combo Deal," which promised a can of soda and bag of chips to any sandwich for $1. That's a great deal, although it's been a while since their "Grand Opening." Perhaps they were celebrating the opening of their second location in the Golden Triangle? Who knows? Regardless, it's a heck of a deal; and I was sure to ask the cashier about it, when I paid for my meal.

My total came to $9.34 (including tax) and since the burger was $7.49, I can only assume I received the discount. I say assume, because I don't think the cashier could speak English either (or any language frankly.) No hello, no goodbye, no nothing. Speaking of, she placed my foil-wrapped burger in a small brown bag; and left my chips & drinks on the counter. Inside the bag? Nothing (sense a theme?) No napkin. No receipt. Nada.

But who needs napkins, right? I sat outside on their makeshift patio (cramped with tables) and opened my burger. It looked nice enough, although it doesn't come with lettuce and tomato; but rather pickles, grilled red onions and ketchup. One bite, and I couldn't help but notice how "wet" my burger was. Wet, as in greasy (or gross, take your pick.) Upon closer examination, I also noticed that the meat was broken into several pieces (as opposed to two patties.) You see, my second bite helped "push" a good half of said burger out of the bun (buttered on both sides, with tons of ketchup and grease... no wonder it slid out) and onto the table and my lap. "Thanks." Good thing I had no napkins to clean up the mess. The aforementioned brown bag did come in handy though: I had something to dump my mess of a burger into... at least the parts that weren't on the table.

Since I only finished one bite of the burger, I can't tell you if it was tasty or not; but I wasn't optimistic. The chips were pretty good, as was my Diet A&W Root Beer. I'll be sure to think of that, when I hand over my blue jeans and shirt to my dry cleaner tomorrow. As for a return visit... I'll let you take a wild guess at its likelihood. Here's a hint: No way!