Saturday, April 19, 2014

SoHo Cafe & Market Food Review

It's not easy finding someplace quiet to eat at National Place; but if you look hard enough, you'll discover SoHo Cafe & Market. It's tucked away in the back, away from the food court... a free-standing oasis, featuring several food bars and plenty of additional seating. The question is... How does the food rate? Hot & tasty... or "in the cold," like most buffet-style eateries in town?

Despite a terrific selection (SoHo Cafe & Market sells just about everything) and surprisingly strong customer service, the food I chose... wound up being cold as ice. That includes Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Ginger Chicken with sweet sauce, and a rather tasty Mashed Potatoes (with turkey gravy) and Vegetable Egg Roll. We ate just after 1:00 PM on a busy Friday afternoon; yet every item on my plate was cold. Brr.

It's a shame too; since my plate of food (and all the food on display, for that matter) looked downright appetizing, especially the Ginger Chicken. I've had hot food from a buffet bar before; so it is possible to keep food warm. Unfortunately, most places don't even try to do it. Add 10 or 20° in temperature; and you may be reading a glowing recommendation instead of this. In that case, all I could complain about would be the two old dudes (about 50, going on dead) in the corner rattling on about one of their dead brothers (and the disease that claimed in, in nauseating detail.) Nice.

What does cold food cost you? Shame on me, but I forgot. I know it wasn't cheap (over $7 for a relatively sparse plate of food) and I know I won't be back for seconds. Neither should you.

Update: Found my receipt! Buffet bar was 1 lb./$7.49. My plate "tipped the scales" at .98 lb. for a total of $7.34 + tax.