Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Grill Georgetown Food Review

Hamburger with Sweet Potato Fries

Leave it to me to start off DC Restaurant Week by visiting an eatery that's not participating... Georgetown Daily Grill in Georgetown, one of three area franchises (Bethesda & Dupont Circle are the others) which offers terrific burgers ($4 on Monday nights... yeah, missed that too.) Money isn't everything though, and Daily Grill manages to impress... even at full price.

Mondays are notoriously slow, so my cousin Dean & I didn't have much company (two other tables of two, and some folks at the bar) just before 2:00 PM. Service was exemplary, from the hostess to Cornell, our friendly server. The space is cozy and tidy, though not necessarily private: It was particularly hard to block out the constant ramblings from two women seated across from us (who knew you could talk for almost an hour, without ever taking a breath?)

Complimentary Bread

Dean & I both ordered hamburgers (one MEDIUM, the other WELL-DONE) and Cokes. I stepped up to sweet potato fries for an extra buck, and we started things off with complimentary bread. If you've never "broken bread" at Daily Grill, let me tell you... it's off the hook delicious. I almost cried when Cornell took away the final two pieces without asking first (shame on you Cornell, LOL.) To be fair, we were both done with lunch; but I was thinking dessert (yes, bread counts as dessert... especially when it's this good.)

Of course, man doesn't live on bread alone; so on to the burger and fries. Fairly priced at $10.95 ($11.95 with sweet potato fries) it looks gorgeous, especially the burger itself. Unfortunately, mine was delivered WELL-DONE (as opposed to MEDIUM) which took away the juiciness that may have catapulted Daily Grill into top-five territory. The quality of beef was superb, and the sesame seed bun... equally good. Plenty of toppings, and a perfect char rounded out a most impressive burger. Daily Grill's sweet potato fries were crispy and delicious, and well-worth the extra dollar (I'll never have regular fries again.)

Including a $6.32 tip, our bill came to $38 for two burgers, fries and sodas... a little steep, but we are in Georgetown after all. Terrific service (very professional) solid food and nice ambiance (minus the two chatterboxes) make Daily Grill a terrific option for lunch or dinner.

Atmosphere: B (Classic upscale bar & grill.)
Burger: B (Overdone, but still tasty.)
Fries: B (Sweet potato rocks.)
Service: B+ (Hard to ask for more.)
Value: C (Not cheap.)
Overall: B (A tad pricey, but I'd definitely eat here again.)