Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Custom Fuel Artisanal Pizza Concept Launches in DC

Brooklyn Bridge Vintage Pizza
From our friends at Custom Fuel...

Custom Fuel Artisanal Pizza Concept Launches in DC; First Location at 1747 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Made-to-order in minutes pizzas, crafted with seasonal, local produce

Custom Fuel has opened at 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, just a half block east of The White House. This artisanal pizza concept, incorporating organic seasonal local produce, a variety of doughs and custom ordered personal sized pizzas, is a first of its kind venture by The Restaurant Group who brought Fuel Pizza to DC in 2012.
Custom Fuel, the upscale version of its sibling Fuel restaurants, utilizes counter service with customers ordering their custom 13 by 6-inch pizza to their own specifications by first selecting a crust then a choice of a variety of sauces, toppings and cheeses. These individual pizzas with thin and crisp crusts are made to order with the finished product handed to the customer within two minutes. In addition specialty salads and sandwiches made on freshly baked flatbread are available as well as desserts.

Pizza crust choices are traditional, whole wheat or gluten-free. Sauces include classic tomato, pesto, barbecue, spicy marinara, white sauce, olive oil or garlic oil. Cheeses selections are dairy free and fat free as well as traditional and artisanal choices like goat and gorgonzola. Custom Fuel toppings include an array of meats like prosciutto and pork belly, seafood such as shrimp and crab, and vegetables like artichokes and sundried tomatoes. There is also a wide selection of signature pizzas and even breakfast pizzas with egg, salmon and fruit toppings and a Nutella and fruit dessert pizza.

Pizzas are designed to appeal to a budget-conscious customer with custom-ordered pizzas priced at $7.97 which includes any sauce, any cheese and four toppings. Salads range from $6.97 to $7.97. Beer, wine and soda offerings are also available.

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Hours: 10:30 am – 10 pm seven days