Monday, November 12, 2012

Nanny O'Briens Food Review

Nanny O'Briens: Pub Burger

Ireland is known for hearty food, so I had relatively high (medium?) expectations for Nanny O'Briens, a fixture on Cleveland Park's restaurant row. After all, burgers and pubs (especially Irish pubs) go hand in hand. Appetite in tow, I grabbed a Nanny Burger to go (unintentional rhyme) and walked away satisfied if not impressed.

Allow me to clarify: Nanny O'Briens is pretty good for pub fare... which has its own set of rules and standards. Good pub food should be filling, somewhat tasty and pair well with whatever's on tap. The Nanny Burger does that to a tee. Weighing in at a solid eight ounces, the Nanny Burger definitely won't leave you hungry. Paired with fries and a pickle, it's fairly priced at $9. Cheese runs you an extra $.50, while bacon, blue cheese crumbles or sauteed mushrooms sets you back another buck.

Nanny Burger

I ordered my burger MEDIUM, but it arrived MEDIUM-WELL. Not the end of the world, but worth noting. The bun was grilled (thank you) and thin, but held up well considering it was holding a half-pound patty. The burger was OK, but needed salt and pepper (frozen patties need seasoning too.) I enjoyed my fries, but wish the oil had been changed sooner. Three cheers for the improved carry-out container and generous supply of napkins. All in all, a solid deal and lunch.

Appearance: C- (Looks sad, doesn't it?)
Burger: C+
Fries: C+
Price: B (Fair, especially for Cleveland Park)
Service: B-
Overall: C+ (Probably jumps to a B- if you dine in.)