Friday, November 30, 2012

Booeymonger Food Review

Booeymonger's Turkey Burger

Man Can't Live on Beef Alone

Friendship Heights has undergone a million changes since I was a kid, but one thing has always stayed the same (at least since 1976) Booeymonger... half deli, half institution. One of four locations (Georgetown, Ballston and Bethesda) the Booey's at 5252 Wisconsin Avenue has hosted yours truly at least 100 times... and I've yet to have a bad visit.

That's not to say they're perfect: In fact, you could label today's lunch as disappointing. I'm a creature of habit, and I almost always order the turkey burger at Booey's. Turkey burgers at most other places stink (The Cheesecake Factory comes to mind) but Booeymonger proves a welcome exception. For starters, it's affordable ($6.25 for a nice sized sandwich, potato wedges and a pickle.) It's also a healthy alternative to the traditional hamburger (not including the delicious kaiser roll... ask for seven grain or a whole wheat pita if you're counting calories.) Call me old-fashioned but I think kaiser rolls should surround every burger (calories be damned.)

Booey's offers multiple toppings at no charge (I go with tomatoes and hot peppers) and premium additions such as avocado, bacon and even chutney (for a little extra $$.) Service is remarkably efficient (I can't remember getting a wrong order ever) but it's a tight fit at lunch, especially since Booey's now shares space with FroZenYo.

I had lunch with my Aunt Nessa, who swears by their Duke sandwich (I don't even think it's on the menu.) After yet another smooth purchase, I'm sorry to report that my turkey burger was overcooked. I can't remember the last time it happened, but the result was a dry burger that tasted of char. The roll was  perfect (as usual) and the wedges delicious as always, so it wasn't a total loss. I'm qualifying today's review (everyone makes mistakes) but I can't pull punches... even when I love the place.

Atmosphere: C+ (I normally don't like crowded places, but I make an exception for Booey's.)
Burger: D (9 out of 10 times, it's a B+)
Fries: B (Delicious, but you only get a few. Order more for $1.60)
Price: B+ (Add $1.59 for a soda with free refills.)
Service: B+ (You expect chaos, but everything always manages to run smoothly.)
Overall: C (Today only; Ask me any other time and it's a B+)