Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anatomy of a Cupcake at Frosting

Frostings' Strawberry Girl cupcake

Take away. Two seemingly harmless words, but when it comes to cupcakes... mucho importante. I stopped by Frosting at 1 Wisconsin Circle in Chevy Chase, Maryland this afternoon for a Strawberry Girl cupcake. Attractively priced at $2.75, I ordered one to go (uh-oh) and discovered this (see picture above) when I got home.

Not the prettiest cupcake ever, is it? That's because half the icing was still inside the plain white bag when I opened it. Color me red... for mad, not strawberry. On to taste, where I continued to be underwhelmed. The cake was somewhat dry and flavorless. The icing lacked sweetness. What a shame. Next time, I'll be sure to eat in. I'd love to try their Telly Baby (chocolate devil's food cake bottom + Nutella frosting and caramelized hazelnuts.)

Appearance: D- (Picture says it all)
Store Atmosphere: B (Modern and clean, but warm and not many cupcakes)
Cake: C
Icing: F (Strange taste, and half of it was left in the bag)
Value: B (Great price, but not tasty)
Overall: D