Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anatomy of a Cupcake at Hello Cupcake

Hello Cupcake's Pumpkin Spice cupcake

My favorite season is fall, so it's only appropriate that my new favorite cupcake would be fall-themed. I just finished devouring Hello Cupcake's Pumpkin Spice cupcake, and let me tell you... it's delicious.

Hello Cupcake gets you the moment you step inside; It's bright, spacious and spotless. The selection, even at 2 in the afternoon is impressive. I had a taste for pumpkin, and selected one of their three specials: The other two sound equally tasty... Southern Sweet Tater (sweet potato cake with brown sugar-cream cheese frosting) and Maple Bacon Pecan (maple cake with brown-butter buttercream, topped with candied pecans and bacon.)

The cake was outstanding, the icing not far behind. She may not be the prettiest girl at the party, but this cupcake is the one you marry. Single servings travel perfectly in attractive brown boxes with a fitted slot... Smart! Individual cupcakes cost $3.25 ($36/dozen) but when they're this good, I'd pay more. Could this be the best cupcake joint in town? Maybe.

Appearance: B-
Store Atmosphere: A
Cake: A+
Icing: B+
Value: B+
Overall: A-