Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Le Diplomate Food Review

Steak Frites at Le Diplomate

Who says TV commercials aren't effective? After watching the Uber Eats spot with (Sir) Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, I felt compelled to order dinner. In the ad, Stewart orders Steak Frites from Le Diplomate in Logan Circle. Local mention! And one of DC's most popular restaurants to boot. Even better, one I hadn't reviewed or (shudder) even visited yet. Despite it's hefty price tag ($32 plus a myriad of delivery fees) how could I (or anyone else) resist?

32 bucks is awfully steep for a steak & slightly soggy fries atop a bed of even soggier greens. But Le Diplomate's hanger steak is no ordinary piece of meat. It's impossibly moist and tender, perfectly cooked (medium rare) and apparently immune to the pitfalls of delivery/travel. In fact, it's esoteric ability to stay hot and flavorful almost 30 minutes later is a delivery game changer (in my humble opinion.)

The frites however, proved more susceptible to the hazards of transportation. They were still tasty (I ate each and every one) but flimsy and lukewarm at best. Imagine if I had them fresh/in-house? The greens were nothing short of gross, and added nothing to the dish (besides an eyesore.) Then came the steak...

Hanger steaks are a particularly forgiving cut. They stay flavorful and juicy, even if overcooked. Prepared correctly, they're my favorite. This was that and then some. Delectably salty with no excessive char, it's hard to imagine a better "last" meal, or in my case, a special treat in the middle of a successful diet. I'm one of those (strange) people who doesn't eat the ends of a steak, usually because it's a little rougher than the rest of the meat, but not this time. 100% devoured. Hmm, sounds like a slogan to me.

Delivery (via Uber Eats) was easy and impressive, in at 8:08 PM with an estimated arrival of 8:55. My driver arrived at 8:40 (15 minutes early, despite making an additional stop on the way.) Best of all, I could follow his course on my iPhone app. It's expensive though (an additional $13+ with tip) but for a steak this good, well worth it.

Final Thoughts: I never thought my first visit to Le Diplomate would be a delivery order, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The steak was one of the best I've ever had in my life, and that alone warrants a high grade (A-) It also commands an in-person visit at my earliest convenience. I wonder if their $20 American burger or Coq au vin ($29) measures up to last night's surprising near perfection. I can't wait to find out.