Thursday, December 5, 2019

New Holiday Menu from LEON USA

New Jack Bites at LEON

From our friends at LEON Restaurants...

LEON Unveils New Holiday Menu for Its' U.S. Locations

New menu items feature bold flavors and reflect LEON’s commitment to accommodating all dietary needs and preferences

LEON, the pioneer of Naturally Fast Food, today announced the release of its new Holiday Menu for all of its U.S. locations. Each of the new menu items, ranging from vegan to meat-centric, contain bold flavors and reflect LEON’s commitment to make it easier for everyone to eat and live well regardless of dietary need or preference.

“Whether you eat meat, gluten-free, pescatarian, or vegan, LEON has something you’ll love and this new menu is no different, “ said Glenn Edwards, Managing Director of LEON USA. “The one thing all of our dishes have in common is their bold flavors and natural ingredients. We look forward to hearing our customers’ feedback on these newest menu items this holiday season.”

The new menu brings back an old favorite in LEON's Chicken Kale Caesar salad and welcomes the addition of LEON’s vegan Jack Bites, jackfruit bites coated in vegan cheese and gluten-free crumbs. Regardless of dietary need or preference, there's bound to be something delicious and nutritious for every LEON customer.

The new menu items include:

BBQ Chicken Sandwich: Chicken thigh with bacon, smoky cheddar, mushrooms, pickles, arugula and a tangy BBQ sauce on an olive oil brioche bun.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Persian Lamb Tagine: Lamb spiced with Ras El Hanout then braised with chickpeas, tomato, onion and garlic.

Persian Lamb Tagine

Salmon Salsa Verde: Roasted salmon topped with a fresh herb sauce flavored with capers, anchovies & lemon.

Salmon Salsa Verde

Chicken Kale Caesar: Bringing back an old favorite, roasted chicken thigh served on a bed of kale with a creamy Caesar dressing, pecorino cheese and chopped herbs.

Chicken Kale Caesar

Street Corn: Roasted corn topped with white truffle mayo, pecorino & cilantro, and seasoned with smoky chipotle.

Street Corn

Jack Bites: Cheesy vegan jackfruit coated in a gluten-free crumbs. Served with your choice of dipping sauce.

In celebration of the Holiday Menu launch, guests who make any purchase today, Thursday December 5, get to pick from LEON’s holiday stocking, guaranteeing they win either a free coffee, free side or free main item. This giveaway applies at each of LEON’s three DC locations.

About LEON Restaurants:
LEON was founded in 2004 with the mission to ‘make it easier for everyone to eat and live well.’ The company has 73 locations in the U.K., U.S., Norway, the Netherlands, Gran Canaria and Ireland. LEON is led by co-founder and CEO John Vincent and is backed by two principal investors including Brazil-based GP Investments, a leading global private equity fund, and London-based, Active Private Equity. In 2017, GP Investments’ subsidiary, Spice Private Equity invested in LEON to fund its growth in Europe and the US.

LEON has been an award-winning brand from the start, earning recognition as Best Newcomer in 2005 and a steady stream of accolades since, including Best Quick Service Restaurant. LEON was named Raymond Blanc Sustainability Hero in 2017 and is the recipient of the People Award for Employee Engagement, the Responsible Capitalism Award, and was given the award for Best Company in addition to its other credits. LEON also offers exclusive benefits to their LEON Lovers Club members.

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