Monday, August 26, 2019

Whole Foods Markets to Carry MacDaddys Righteous Cookies

From our friends at MacDaddys Righteous Cookies...

Whole Foods Markets will begin selling MacDaddys Righteous Cookies in 29 stores across the State of Florida beginning in September of this year. United Natural Foods Inc. also known as UNFI will be MacDaddys preferred distributor, and will be facilitating the Whole Foods distribution.

"This will definitely be a game changer as far as the MacDaddys brand is concerned," explains Corey Brysman, Owner and Founder of MacDaddys Righteous Cookies. "I am excited as well as extremely encouraged that a first class organization like Whole Foods is giving MacDaddys this amazing opportunity. We honestly feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that getting shelf placement in Whole Foods Markets gives the brand immediate credibility as well as exposure to a very wide audience. And at the same time connects us with a major National distributor which in turn opens the brand up for potential regional as well as National level distribution within all channels of the snack food space. We sincerely appreciate and thank Whole Foods for believing in MacDaddys!"

MacDaddys Cookies are currently baked and packaged in South Florida. As Corey continues, "our manufacturer has the capacity to significantly ramp up production in order to handle the increased demand Whole Foods will most certainly add to our production needs and even further, the manufacturer has assured us they can meet the extra demands additional retailers will put on us as we continue to grow our distribution within the State of Florida and beyond. This is exactly what I had envisioned for MacDaddys Righteous Cookies when I originally created the brand," Corey explains, "... local, regional, and eventually National level distribution."

Don Hosfeld, Regional Grocery Buyer for Whole Foods Markets describes MacDaddys Cookies as "a unique combination of chocolate, raisins and walnuts, providing a tasty cookie to snack on throughout your day." He also mentions that "since the cookies are bite size, you can enjoy as little as you want or as much as you like!" What really sets the brand apart is its partnership with The National Fatherhood Initiative, a National non-profit organization solely committed to assisting fathers in being the best they can be for their kids. As Don continues, "being the father of three kids, I am proud of MacDaddys' mission to support all fathers." MacDaddys donates a portion of the profits of every bag of cookies sold to this amazing organization. Please visit for more information about The National Fatherhood Initiative.

About the cookie - The "Original Recipe" is a unique combination of oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chips, walnuts and cinnamon and comes in a 6 oz bag containing approximately 20 bite-sized cookies. A second flavor, "Coconut Craze" is currently in development.

In 1978 Corey's dad began baking cookies in his tiny home kitchen oven giving them to friends, neighbors and then selling the cookies to local stores and bakeries. Fast forward to 2018 and keeping a childhood promise he made to his father at the time, Corey resurrected his father's original recipe cookie and created Macdaddys Righteous Cookies! The entire family is originally from New York. Corey grew up and currently resides in South Florida.