Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dog Haus Food Review

Karaage Kid at Dog Haus

Dog Haus sells hot dogs, all kinds of dogs... exotic even; but that's not what makes it tick. First and foremost, it's a biergarten (albeit a dark and gloomy one, at least when I visited) with a loyal fan base and some tasty menu items at a fair price. That sounds a lot more enticing than former neighbor Bold Bite, which closed up shop last August, but is it good enough to impress yours truly? Let's find out.

Atmosphere: Dark, but cozy... like a British pub with uncomfortable stools. Doesn't feel like a restaurant, but perhaps that's its charm. Great happy hour spot, with young, attentive staff.

Kids Meal (Burger & Hot Dog Sliders + Fries)

Food: The Karaage Kid was a tad pricy ($8.99) but worth every messy penny. Fried chicken with Haus Slaw, a sweet ginger sauce and wasabi furikake (hot seasoning.) It also comes with spicy mayo, but you know me (I passed.) Great tasting chicken (flaky interior, nicely fried) with lots of ginger. Coupled with their house slaw + spicy accents, it's memorable and worth ordering again. My only advice? Slap it on a bigger, more durable bun, and you might have a home run.

As for the other items. Not so good. The burger slider was cooked to death (no excuse) and the hot dog (despite looking great) was dry inside and flavorless/not juicy. Speaking of, it's time to update those pedestrian, tasteless fries with something (anything) better. Perhaps I should have gone with Tater Tots, or paid extra for Onion Rings. Needless to say, disappointing.

Service: Friendly enough, and quick. Only 10 minutes from app to ready: That's impressive.

Shazam Test: Noisy, but worked like a charm. Unfortunately, the 80s mix of music videos (Dire Straits, Haircut 100 & Madonna) felt outdated and out of place.

Value: I forgot it was happy hour (talk about value) but $6.99 for a Kids Meal (with regular size fountain drink) allowed me to try a few different items, without breaking the bank. The Karaage Kid ($8.99) was a limited time offer, and pretty tasty, so no complaints all around.

Bottom Line: Not my kind of surroundings, but I could see myself ordering one of their burgers to go in the future. But if you're young, and looking for an inviting happy hour spot (relatively on the cheap) then look no further.