Monday, May 14, 2018

Shouk Open Today Near Union Market

From our friends at Shouk...

Shouk New Location Opens Today

District fast casual to open with expanded market near Union Market

Shouk is excited to announce the second location will open today, May 14, at 11 AM at The Edison in Union Market District. As part of the celebration, Shouk is offering a free pita or bowl to the first 100 guests.

The Union Market location is larger than the original with an expanded market and a new selection of grab-and-go items. In addition to Israeli spices and sauces, guests can take home Shouk’s house-made soups, spreads and plant-based cheeses including hummus, cashew labneh, harissa and almond feta as well as new offerings like the nutrient-packed black lentil spread and sweet chocolate hummus. In addition to the beloved cardamom cookies, new lemon date balls, are available to-go.

Co-founders Ran Nussbacher and Dennis Friedman added a new dish to the all-star line up: the eggplant pita, a twist on a traditional Israeli street food known as sabich. Chef Friedman creates a grilled patty out of eggplant that pairs a crunchy outside with a creamy interior. The eggplant is stuffed into Shouk’s signature fluffy pita with bright, pickled cabbage, thin slices of potato, grilled onions, roasted red peppers and tahini. Amba, a traditional pickled mango sauce, adds a touch of sharp, tangy flavor.

As the fast-casual restaurant that satisfies every diet, Shouk’s new location will continue to offer a menu of airy pitas, earthy bowls and green salads for which it has become known.

Since opening in 2016, Shouk’s unique take on Israeli street food and revolutionary plant-based approach combined to create dishes like the critically acclaimed Shouk burger, and a no-egg breakfast pita. Popular dishes include the impossibly “creamy” cauliflower pita and the flaming hot black bean pita stuffed with sweet potatoes and spicy harissa. Originally created with kids in mind, the pizza pita with slow roasted tomato bursts and tangy tahina is a sleeper hit. The menu includes snacks like heavily seasoned polenta fries with tomato sauce, alongside signature soups and salads. Shouk also serves beer and health-conscious sodas and juices.

About Shouk:
Shouk (shook) means “market,” an assault on all five senses. The original Shouk is located at 655 K Street, and opens daily at 11 AM. For more information, please visit or follow the team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ShoukFood.