Friday, October 20, 2017

The Watergate's "Scandal Room 214" Launched with Two Very Special Guests

Two of the arresting officers from the original Scandal - Paul Leeper and John Barrett (r), along with Rakel Cohen and Lyn Paolo

From our friends at The Watergate Hotel...

Yesterday. the iconic Watergate Hotel officially unveiled the “The Watergate Scandal Room 214” in partnership with Emmy® Winning Hollywood Costume Designer Lyn Paolo - known for being the costume designer of the ShondaLand hit series SCANDAL and the John Well’s show “Shameless” - along with Rakel Cohen, co-owner of The Watergate Hotel and Senior Vice President of Design & Development for the newly renovated property. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the infamous Watergate Scandal while also celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Watergate Complex, Rakel and Lyn collaborated to curate and celebrate the iconic room’s history. The Watergate Scandal Room 214 is designed with a modern twist, to offer hotel guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience and has perfectly captured the infamy and intrigue of one of the most famous guest rooms in the world.

The Watergate Hotel continues to exude refinement and glamour with a touch of scandal, as seen in the design elements of room 214; which include a wall of news clippings from the time of the break-in, as well as binoculars, a typewriter, record player, cassette tape player and several furniture pieces reminiscent of the 1970’s.

The invite only event, on October 19th from 6-8 PM ET, was co-hosted by Cohen and Paolo where guests, including two of the arresting officers from the original Scandal - Paul Leeper and John Barrett - enjoyed red wine and popcorn in the newly redesigned Watergate Scandal Room 214 (the two things that Kerry Washington's character is regularly shown indulging on the hit series.) Scandal inspired cocktails were also served, like The Pope Martini and Fitz Spritz at the infamous whisky bar, The Next Whisky Bar. Followed by cocktail hour, guests were invited for intimate tours of the Scandal Room 214 which were led by Rakel and Lyn.

The Watergate Scandal Room 214 is now open, and available to book for those looking to tap into their scandalous persona. For reservations, please visit or call 1(844) 617-1972.