Saturday, October 21, 2017

Geostorm Movie Review

Gerard Butler stars in Geostorm

Damaged Goods

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: A satellite designer (Gerard Butler) must race to avert a catastrophe when the planet's climate control satellites begin to malfunction in this sci-fi action adventure from Warner Bros. and writer/producer/director Dean Devlin (making his feature directorial debut here.)

Disasters abound in Geostorm, but they're not the ones advertised in the trailer. I'd rather take my chances in a poorly constructed CGI thunderstorm, versus the perfect storm of cheesy special effects, piss-poor acting/casting (Jim Sturgess, are you kidding me?) and a producer-turned-director who shouldn't be put in charge of a $120 budget, yet alone $120 million. Absolutely nothing happens in the first hour (unless you count a gas leak, and a Senate sub-committee hearing headed by Toby from The West Wing) and the second half? Nonstop preposterousness, and a futile flurry of aforementioned cheesy visuals. No thanks.

Grade: F