Sunday, June 18, 2017

Burger 7 Food Review

BEC Burger, Fries & Wings

I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles... but what about a burger? Burger 7 in Arlington is tucked away on Lee Highway, next to a 7-Eleven and (literally) nothing else. It's a bit of a hike from the Court House Metro; but you know me, I'll go anywhere for a good burger. Was it worth it? Better yet, should you go out of your way to try it? Let's find out.

I stopped by for a late lunch (around 2:40) and had the entire restaurant to myself. One of the drawbacks (or in my case, perks) of its location, which we'll generously refer to as... off the beaten track. I imagine foot traffic is almost non-existent, although B7 has a huge parking lot with plenty of space for cars. Inside is kinda depressing (details below) but there's a nice looking patio out front with nine cozy tables. Unfortunately, it was hot as Hades outside, so depressing or not, I was dining in.

Ambiance: Can you say industrial? It's exposed ceiling to floor, with lots of windows, but still dark & gloomy inside. Seating is family style, atop brightly colored, uncomfortable cube chairs (with foot rests.) There's ample room to move about; but I'd hate to be sitting in the middle of one of these tables when it's crowded. Music is upbeat and young (i.e. David Guerra & DJ Khaled) and not too loud. Overall impressions? Zero character. Zero warmth.

Food: Fries ($3.19) were hot but flavorless (despite being cooked in olive oil.) Each table has a long row of condiments; and I think I know why... the kitchen doesn't like to season their food. The BEC burger (loaded with bacon and a fried egg for an affordable $6.25) was almost tasteless. No salt or pepper on the meat, and very messy to boot. It was parked inside a (too) soft bun that quickly fell apart under the weight of B7 sauce, potato fries, tomato and the aforementioned bacon/egg. To be frank, it reminded me of the kind of burger you'd get at a roadside diner.

On the "positive side," the wings were huge with tons of batter (twice fried?) Unfortunately, they lacked seasoning (sense a trend?) and cost quite a bit ($6.69 for five.) Toss in a fountain drink, and lunch for one set me back $20.26 (without a tip.) For that kind of money, lunch had better be delicious. This wasn't even close.

Service: Nondescript. The cashier seemed bored out of his mind; although I have to thank the cook for warning me that the wings were very hot (straight out of the fryer.) Maybe they're more enthusiastic when it's busier. Let's hope so.

Overall: Lunch was expensive, lonely and not very tasty. Shouldn't a burger joint be fun and sinful? My first visit left a lot to be desired. Perhaps it boils down to location. Next time, I'll try Alexandria or Tyson's Corner. Sadly, Arlington doesn't seem to be worth the extra effort.