Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Roy Rogers (Aspen Hill) Food Review II

Roy Rogers Fish and Chips Platter

First the "good" news... The Roy Rogers Fish and Chips Platter is available for a limited time only; so chances are, you might be lucky enough to miss it altogether. I take no joy in finding fault with our favorite fast food restaurant; but Roys' fish isn't good enough to warrant a place in a box of Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks, yet alone a spot (temporary or not) on the Roy Rogers menu.

Ambiance: I like the Aspen Hill location, although it's a bit of a tight fit inside, especially when there's a full house (as it was last night.) The Fixins' Bar was remarkably clean and well-stocked, and the rest of the dining room was tidy & comfortable.

Food: I don't mind paying $8.59 for a combo, but Roys should pay me to eat this fish. It was bland-looking, overdone and tasted on par with the worst fish stick you've ever had. I wasn't expecting Arthur Treacher's, but I couldn't make it past one bite. Passable (at best) in a sandwich... with tons of distracting fixins; but as a stand-alone item, it's a literal crime not to cook it in beer batter. How bad was it? Bad terrible enough to make me forget the fries and slaw, which were delicious as always.

Service: Surprisingly slow, and the cashier was hard to understand/unfriendly. Luckily, the folks at the other end of the counter were super nice.

Overall: I love, love, love Roys; but had this been my first visit, it would have likely been my last as well. Just goes to show you, no matter how great you are... you're only as good as your most recent visit. Please, please take this off the menu (or at the very least, learn how to make it properly.)