Thursday, July 28, 2016

Central Michel Richard Bastille Day Celebration Recap

Tuna Burger Sliders

Bastille My Heart!
by Haylee Grey Pearson (Contributing Editor)

Central Michel Richard opened its doors and said, “La FĂȘte Nationale” to the DMV for it’s Bastille Day Celebration. The restaurant that adds a zest to the static downtown DC area was decorated to the T with all things commemorating the independence of France. Streamers matching the blue, white, and red colors of France’s flag draped from wall to wall. Servers, dressed to the nines as always, donned black berets and served what I ambitiously termed ‘Paris in a glass.’

Bastille Day is a day to celebrate, and Central Michel Richard is the best host! The elegant American-French bistro served up its favorite cocktails for the celebration. Most notable and bubbly was the Hemingway Fizz. A drink that has all the promise to kill the night, pairs well with the current heat wave that has consumed all of DC. Served in a champagne flute, the drink is a concoction of Champagne Rose, Maraschino, Appleton X/V, Rum, and lemon.

Michel's Fried Chicken

Hemingway Fizz in one hand allowed for a small bite in the other. Central Michel Richard has the biggest secret every DC foodie wants to know: it has the best darn fried chicken. Coming from a Southern and overall fried chicken enthusiast, I firmly stand by the statement above. Grabbing three bites of fried chicken served atop a mashed potato with an aioli dollop, I filled my free hand and abandoned any lesson on sharing and etiquette. The fried chicken is that good.

Whether it’s Bastille Day or a Wednesday, Central Michel Richard is a good time and brings in some great people.

Central Michel Richard is open for lunch, Monday-Friday from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM; dinner, Monday-Thursday from 5-10:00 PM, Friday-Saturday 5-10:30 PM, and Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 2:30 PM. Click here to make an online reservation, or call (202) 626-0015.