Monday, June 27, 2016

Occidental's July Specials Inspired by Fireworks, Hot Air Balloons

From our friends at Occidental Grill & Seafood...

Occidental Grill & Seafood Introduces July’s Anniversary Specials

Choices inspired by holiday fireworks, hot air balloons burst with flavor

Occidental Grill & Seafood presents new innovative selections this July in continued celebration of its 110th anniversary, including an entree inspired by hot air balloons and a dessert evoking the patriotic excitement of the Fourth of July. A Flounder en Papillote entree and Red, White, and Blue Parfait dessert will join the menu during Thursday dinner services in July, while the bar offers a new take on an Old Maid cocktail all month.

Guests can celebrate 110 years of Occidental Grill & Seafood by enjoying a fantastical take on Flounder en Papillote, reinvented by Executive Chef Rodney Scruggs and Chef de Cuisine Scott Perry. En papillote, a preparation inspired by hot air balloons, was first served to honor Brazilian balloonist Alberto Santos-Dumont in the 1890s. The dish calls for a protein steamed within a pouch or sealed parchment ‘balloon,’ which, after opening, releases an aromatic cloud of steam. Occidental’s Flounder en Papillote steams delicate local flounder with baby zucchini, Yukon potatoes, shaved carrot, and white wine lemon butter. Dramatically opened tableside by the server, it’s quite a show for the diner as well as those nearby.

The hot July weather inspires a Red, White, and Blue Parfait for dessert at Occidental Grill & Seafood, elevated with unique textures and flavor. Parfaits have been enjoyed since 1894 as frozen desserts with sugar syrup, egg, and cream, although modern parfaits often consist of pudding, ice cream, or yogurt. Occidental opts for layers of strawberry meringue, coconut panna cotta, and blueberry gel topped with local strawberries and fresh mint. Fans of parfaits can anticipate light, delicious flavors in Occidental’s version of the much-beloved dessert.

Occidental’s Bar Manager, Aubrey Walkins, features an Old Maid cocktail during July to pay homage to the cocktails that have stemmed from the classics. While most of the restaurant’s anniversary specials date back to earlier years, the Old Maid is a more recent adaptation of the Southside, a historically popular cocktail made with gin, mint, lime or lemon, and sugar. Created within the past decade, the Old Maid epitomizes the growth of mixology as more and more individuals contribute with their own twists and interpretations. Walkins steps up the iconic Old Maid’s flavors of mint and cucumber by incorporating cucumber juice and mint syrup instead of muddling the ingredients in the traditional style. The Botanist gin, honeydew juice, and fresh lime round out this quintessential summer cocktail.

For tourists visiting Washington and locals alike this July, Occidental Grill & Seafood continues to showcase the commitment to elevated flavors and refined execution that has been its standard for 110 years.

About Occidental Grill & Seafood:
Since 1906 the Occidental has been a gathering place for the nation's political power brokers, sports figure and celebrities. The Occidental prides itself on offering seasonal dishes, a distinguished wine selection, and innovative cocktails, all served in an ambiance both elegant and welcoming. For more information or to make reservations, call (202) 783-1475 or visit