Sunday, March 27, 2016

Suburban Hospital Cafeteria Breakfast Review

Sunrise Sizzle at Suburban Hospital Cafeteria

DC Outlook doesn't discriminate when it comes to food criticism. That mean's 7-Eleven, fast food and frozen pizza... and (every now & again) hospital cafeterias. Like it or not, a man's gotta eat; and while it may not evoke your fondest culinary memories, it makes sense to know who's good... and who's not. Suburban Hospital is (hands down) my favorite area hospital (best care, nicest staff) but is their Cafeteria as good as the more important stuff? Let's see...

As far as service goes, yes. Both the cook and cashier were fast and very friendly. They offer three different sandwiches (bagel, croissant or toast) two platters (Country and Eye Opener) and an a la carte menu that includes made to order French Toast, Omelettes or Pancakes. Prices are quite reasonable... $3.09-3.59 sandwiches, $.79 biscuits, $.39 strips of bacon, etc.

Unfortunately, if you're in search of deliciousness... you've come to the wrong place. Tasty or not however, you won't walk away hungry. Portions are generous (see above for $1.39 worth of scrambled eggs, and $1.69 of Hash Brown Potatoes + large patties of Turkey Sausage for a mere $.39 each.) Everything needed salt (except the bacon) and the aforementioned sausage patties were overdone/pretty dry. The potatoes could have been more tender, and the eggs were (in a word) average. Not a disaster, mind you... but not exactly a Big Breakfast at McDonald's either.

Kudos for offering Strawberry-Kiwi Sunkist Enhanced Water alongside more traditional fountain drink options. The dining room has plenty of space, even with the giant projection TV in the back; and as I mentioned earlier, service is top-notch. Toss in a B- for cleanliness & free Wi-Fi, and you could do a lot worse for an early Thursday morning (they open for breakfast at 6:30 AM.)