Sunday, January 3, 2016

Georgetown Library Announces Peabody Room Historical Lecture Series

Georgetown Library's Peabody Room

From our friends at Georgetown Library...

Hear Jamie Stiehm, a Creators Syndicate columnist and contributor to, discuss well-known and less-known personages of American history on the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM.

Each discussion takes place at the Georgetown Library in the Peabody Room (third floor) at 1:00 PM. For more information, contact Jerry A. McCoy at (202) 727-0233 or via email ( Discussions are free to attend.

Peabody Room Historical Lecture Series 2016

• January 9 - Lucretia Mott: Speaking Quaker Truth to "Slave Power"

• February 13 - Frederick Douglass/Harriet Tubman: Parallel Lives from the Eastern Shore

• March 12 - Rachel Carson: Bringer of Silent Spring

• April 9 - Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing Democracy's Great Outdoors

• May 14 - Andrew Jackson/Roger Taney/Francis Scott Key: A Grim Trio in Town and Country

• June 11 - James Madison: Burning Down the (White) House

• July 9 - Mrs. Roosevelt: Muse to Hillary

• August 13 - Isabel Briggs Myers: She's Got Your Type!

• September 10 - Senator Margaret Chase Smith: The Lady from Maine

• October 8 - Most Presidents Come in Paris: The Power of Two

•  November 12 - John F. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln: A Tragic November Rhyme in Time

•  December 10 - Thomas Jefferson: In the Presence of His Enemies