Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Which Wich Food Review

French Dip

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile, to stand out in the crowd. Which Wich offers "superior sandwiches" in a flooded market (Potbelly, Subway, etc.) but it comes at a cost. Ordering isn't easy, and waits are long. That said, my sandwich (once in hand) was pretty darn good, reasonably affordable and overall... more than satisfactory.

The E Street franchise is located "off the beaten track," but is often crowded with nearby nine-to-fivers. When you walk inside, you're immediately confronted with a wall of paper bags and an overwhelming number of choices. But you needn't despair: After a couple of minutes, a friendly employee came over and showed me how to do it. Granted, I'd already figured it out on my own; but I appreciated the effort (and friendliness.)

We love Miss Vickie's chips!

There are 10 numbered bags for your base (beef, Italian, seafood, etc.) Pick one, then fill in the blanks (sandwich, extras, size, toppings) write your name at the top (I almost forgot) and get in line. I had half-a-dozen folks in front of me, and it took just under five minutes to have my turn. Once there, the cashier (Aloha, on the receipt) was engaging and friendly, took my money ($10.12 for a 7" sandwich combo) and handed me a cup for my drink (without my having to ask.) So far, so good. Then the real waiting began.

At least there's reading material for your wait

My order went in at 12:59, and my name wasn't called until 1:14 PM. Add another few minutes for my au jus sauce, and I was finally ready to eat. Luckily, I was able to find an open table (love the metal tops) but if you have to stand near the pick-up area (and fountain drink dispenser) you may be standing for a while. Plan accordingly.

I'd ordered a French Dip sandwich (7" over 10.5 & 14") on white bread with jalapeƱos and tomatoes only (+ au jus sauce.) The baguette was hot, crisp and tasty; and the kitchen was quite generous with the (tender) meat. A few dips inside Which Wich's aromatic au jus, and I was in seventh Heaven. Not sure if it was entirely worth the wait, but I'd definitely go back.

Six bucks is plenty fair for a 7" sandwich with premium beef. It clips the "magic" $10 mark with chips (go for Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ... yum!) and a drink, but crushed ice is available (score) and turns a $1.95 soda into liquid gold. The staff/atmosphere is vibrant, and the restaurant space... relatively clean & tidy. Perhaps a few less choices (and faster turnaround) and we're in (serious) business.