Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shucks, It’s Legal Sea Foods’ “Oyster Festival”

From our friends at Legal Sea Foods...

Back by popular demand, Legal Sea Foods is pleased to announce its seventh-annual Oyster Festival. Beginning September 17th through October 14th, three of Legal Sea Foods’ Washington area restaurants will celebrate all things oysters through showcasing menu items featuring the complex mollusk in different ways.

Oyster fans will be able to select Fried, Baked or Raw Oysters from the special menu. Fried Oyster dishes include Buffalo Oyster with blue cheese, celery hearts and radish; BBQ Oyster with coleslaw and BBQ mayo; Sriracha Oyster with Tasso, roasted corn and pickled green tomato, as well as the Fried Oyster & Eggs with sauce gribiche, arugula and red onion. Fried Oysters are priced at three for $10. The menu will also feature an abundance of Baked Oysters including the Lobster Spinach Oyster with cheese and herbed crumbs; Oyster Scampi with shrimp garlic butter and white wine; Crab & Cheese Oyster with Jonah crab, horseradish, cheddar and cream cheese, and the Roasted Oyster with smoked chorizo butter and fresh herbs. Baked Oysters are priced at three for $12.

Guests can also opt for the Raw Oyster & Tuna Crudo with sambal and sesame dressing for $4.50, or go Au Natural on the Half Shell, as Legal will be shucking seasonal oysters at the raw bar, priced at $3 each, $15.95 for a half dozen, and $29.95 for a dozen. Seasonal favorites include Wellfleet, Wellfleet Harbor, MA, with a distinctive balance of creamy sweet and a sharp brine; Malpeque, PEI, light-bodied, with a clean finish, balanced sweetness, and brine; Naked Cowboy, Long Island Sound, NY, with a bold, briny, unique mix of minerals; Wianno, Nantucket Sound, MA, with a pleasant briny, impeccably clean ocean flavor; Cotuit, Cotuit Bay, MA, with a sweet, unique briny flavor; East Beach Blonde, Charlestown Pond, RI, with a sweet unique briny flavor; Little Shemogue, Tormentine Peninsula, Canada, plump with a medium to high salinity, and a clean sweet finish; Merry, Duxbury, MA, with full flavored, briny, and a pleasant sweet finish; Pemaquid, Hog Island/Damariscotta, ME, with a sweet and salty taste; Conway Royale, PEI, with medium salt and a buttery, full-bodied finish; Kumamoto, Oakland, WA, with a sweet mild brine, and a creamy cucumber finish; Glidden Point, Damariscotta River, ME, firm, plump meat, crisp, with complex flavor; Kusshi, Deep Bay, BC, with a mild brine, sweet meat, creamy, ultra clean flavor, as well as Sandy Neck, Barnstable, MA, sweet, briny, with firm plump meat. The selection will change daily based on availability.

For the perfect pairing, guests can opt for the Deadrise, the official drink of this year’s Oyster Festival, which is made from a combination of American Harvest Organic Vodka, muddled cucumber, lime and grapefruit bitters, priced at $10.

WHEN: Thursday, September 17, 2015 to Wednesday, October 14, 2015 during lunch and dinner service.

WHERE: The almost month-long oyster specials celebration is available at three Legal Sea Foods locations in the Washington area including 704 7th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. (202) 347–0007; 2301 Jefferson Davis Highway in Crystal City, Arlington, VA (703) 415-1200; Tysons Galleria in McLean, VA (703) 827-8900. For more information, please visit

WHY: “Our oyster bars are a hallmark of our restaurants,” observes Roger Berkowitz, President and CEO of Legal Sea Foods. “We’d like everyone to share the belief of the idiomatic saying, ‘the world is your oyster,’ simply because they taste good and they’re good for you.” The health benefits of oysters come by the bushel. The bivalves are rich in protein, low in fat and calories, low in cholesterol, chockfull of vitamins and nature’s best source of zinc.