Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pizza Vinoteca Closes in Ballston

Jowlciale Grilled Pizza at Pizza Vinoteca

This one stings. Pizza Vinoteca, which received a gushy-delicious review from yours truly back in March, has closed its doors for good. Last night was it, for the 130-seat Ballston pizzeria/wine bar... a true shocker, given its December 10, 2014 opening. I won't pretend to understand the financial end of running a restaurant; but Ari Malcolm's operation looked (and tasted) like a well-oiled machine from where I was eating/standing. They made incredible pizzas (Hawaiian, Jowlciale) and Italian doughnuts; and even managed to turn something simple (Grilled Cauliflower) into a work of culinary art. Ballston just became a lot less fun to visit.