Thursday, April 30, 2015

Veloce by Pizzeria Paradiso to Open Monday, May 4

From our friends at Veloce...

Veloce by Pizzeria Paradiso to Open on Monday, May 4 at 1828 L Street, NW

Opening week marked by daily promotions, including complimentary pizzas for first 100 guests on May 4

Veloce, a quick service pizza restaurant from the acclaimed culinary talent behind Pizzeria Paradiso, will open for business on Monday, May 4 at 7:00 a.m. at 1828 L Street, NW in downtown Washington, DC. Credited with introducing the District to Neapolitan-style pizza more than 20 years ago, Veloce owner, operator and Chef Ruth Gresser’s new fast casual venture features the same artisanal, brick oven-fired pizzas, now available in minutes. Featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner fare, Veloce’s menu focuses on personal-sized pizzas, sandwiches and salads complemented by Compass Coffee for breakfast and desserts such as tiramisu.

Veloce will be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Opening week will be marked by five days of promotions - announced on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - including complimentary personal pizzas* for the first 100 guests starting at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, May 4. Pizza lovers can create custom 8” pies for $9 on white, whole wheat, mixed grains and seeds, or gluten-free crusts, or choose from a menu of curated pizzas composed by Chef Gresser.

After earning critical praise for her three Pizzeria Paradiso locations, Gresser is yet again introducing Washington to a new style of pizza, this time proving to the downtown work crowd that you don’t have to choose between great pizza and quick pizza. Working with Marra Forni - a local Beltsville, Md. oven maker owned and operated by an Italian family - Gresser designed a custom Neapolitan-style gas brick oven that can accommodate up to 25 pizzas at a time and mimic the results of Pizzeria Paradiso’s famed wood-burning ovens in less time.

In addition to producing quick-turnaround, quality pizzas, Gresser and team are focused on supporting and sustaining the community with all available means: cheeses, protein and vegetable toppings are sourced from quality producers while sausages and all sauces are house-made using organic, local ingredients whenever possible. A rotating special pizza and salad will feature seasonal produce.

Items are also packaged with recyclable, eco-friendly materials. In addition to their own house-made tiramisus in classic, lemon and chocolate flavors, they will also offer Carla Hall cookies and nuts; and PollyStyle oatmeal cookies, chocolate graham crackers and ginger shortbread.

Showcasing graphics by Soung Wiser of The General Design Co., the 1400 square foot downtown space - which seats 18 indoors and 16 on the patio - was designed by Eric Gronning, AIA of Gronning Architects. The open, dynamic space hums with geometric light patterns, and bold yellow accents bring the Veloce name to life.

* Limit one pizza per guest.

Guests with an appetite for curated combinations can choose from these menu items:


5” Pizza $5

The Pig: scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, roasted mushrooms, red onions, Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan)

The Garden: scrambled eggs, cheddar, sweet red peppers, spinach, red onions

The Flag: scrambled eggs, mozzarella, basil, Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan), roasted cherry tomatoes

Calzone $5

The Standard: scrambled eggs, organic tomato sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, parsley, choice of sausage (pork, lamb, chicken), Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan)

The Harvest: whole wheat crust, scrambled eggs, spinach, spicy garlic pesto, roasted mushrooms, red onions, roasted cherry tomatoes

Pocket $5

The Sammy: smoked salmon, herbed mascarpone, capers, red onions, fresh cherry tomatoes


8” Meat Pizza $9

The Butcher: organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, housemade pork sausage, red onions, sweet red peppers

The Smokehouse: organic tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, applewood smoked bacon, kale, red onions

The Explosion: organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, kalamata olives, hot cherry peppers

The Rooster: basil pesto, goat cheese, sweet red peppers, housemade chicken sausage, pine nuts

8” Veggie Pizza $9

The Veloce: organic tomato sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, ricotta, basil

The Forest: organic tomato sauce, spinach, roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, red onions

The Farmer: spicy garlic pesto, roasted vegetables, pine nuts, mozzarella, parmesan, local farm egg

The Cheesemonger: herbed mascarpone, red onions, Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan), garlic, oregano, parsley

The Four Seasons: organic tomato sauce, artichokes, Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan), roasted mushrooms, basil, kalamata olives

Seasonal Pizza: (rotating) grains and seeds crust, asparagus, chopped cherry tomatoes, fontina, lemon zest, tarragon, red onions

Grab and Go Salads $4

The Veloce: arugula, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette

The Spinach: spinach, sweet red peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, pine nuts, red onions, citrus vinaigrette salad

The Artichoke: escarole, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, Italian cheeses (pecorino, fontina, parmesan), balsamic dressing

The Seasonal:  arugula, farro, roasted asparagus, sweet red peppers, spring onions, oregano, and creamy garlic dressing

Grab and Go Pockets $9

The Smoked Salmon: white pizza dough pocket, herbed mascarpone, escarole, fresh cherry tomatoes, capers, red onions, smoked salmon

The BLT: white pizza dough pocket, basil pesto, arugula, creamy garlic dressing, roasted cherry tomatoes, applewood-smoked bacon

The Roast Vegetable: white pizza dough pocket, spicy garlic pesto, spinach, roasted vegetable salad

The Deli: white pizza dough pocket, spicy garlic pesto, salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, fontina, escarole, hot cherry peppers, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette

Desserts $5

Classic Tiramisu sweet mascarpone cream, ladyfingers, espresso, cocoa, whipped cream

Lemon Tiramisu sweet mascarpone cream, ladyfingers, lemon juice, lemon zest, whipped cream

Chocolate Tiramisu chocolate mascarpone cream, ladyfingers, cocoa, whipped cream

Carla Hall cookies and nuts and PollyStyle oatmeal cookies, chocolate graham crackers and ginger shortbread will also be available.

Veloce, from the culinary talent behind Pizzeria Paradiso, makes Neapolitan-style brick oven pizzas ready in minutes and using high quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Veloce serves breakfast, lunch and dinner fare including personal-sized pizzas, calzones, sandwiches and salads. Guests can choose from a selection of curated pizzas or build their own upon white, whole wheat, mixed grains and seeds, or gluten-free crusts. Veloce is located a few blocks from the Farragut North and Farragut West Metro Stations at 1828 L Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20036. For more information, call 202-290-1910, visit, like on Facebook, or follow on Twitter at @eatatveloce and Instagram at @eatatveloce.