Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 Flights Up Movie Review

Diane Keaton & Morgan Freeman (r) star in 5 Flights Up

5 Flights Up

IMDb Plot: A long-time married couple who've spent their lives together in the same New York apartment become overwhelmed by personal and real estate-related issues when they plan to move away.

It's not easy letting go; yet alone getting old and climbing five flights of stairs (on 70-something legs) to get home. Still, how do you not love Morgan Freeman & Diane Keaton? They turn an otherwise vanilla film about selling an apartment, into a retrospective about life... with moments of levity and wisdom (amidst an out-of-place terrorist subplot.) Beware of surplus sentimentality and stereotypes; but there's plenty to enjoy... courtesy of two Oscar winners, thankfully years away from retirement. 5 Flights Up shows there's more to the real estate market, than just buying and selling: There's living too.