Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Whiskey Review

Wikipedia Description: Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, officially marketed as Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Alabama Style Whiskey, is a brand of whiskey produced by the Dallas, Texas-based Spirits Acquisition Corp. It is marketed as a recreation of a high-quality aged moonshine whiskey which was produced illegally in Alabama during the mid to late 20th century. The brand was created by the moonshiner's son Kenny May.

Looks aren't everything; but it's hard not to love Clyde May's packaging. Our 375 ML sample bottle was cute as a button, or "short & sweet," thanks to a healthy dose of caramelized sugar and honey. It has a dark caramel color, and packs 85 proof (not too overpowering.) There's spice too (mostly ginger, some pepper) but nothing compared to sweet (hints of butterscotch) and fruit (apples and either figs or raisins, possibly both.) Great for sipping (it took me almost four weeks to finish) with a makeup of half-corn, half-rye & barley. Apples, caramel and a little bite. Nice.

Grade: B+

Where can I buy it? Our favorite liquor store (of course) Calvert Woodley at 4339 Connecticut Ave., NW (Van Ness-UDC Metro.) Also Ace Beverage at 3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW. Dining out? Try Mike Isabella's Graffiato at 707 6th Street, NW (Gallery Place Metro.)