Friday, February 20, 2015

KoChix Food Review

Combo Wings and Drumsticks

God bless Caviar, DC's latest (and best?) food delivery service: Without Caviar, I might never have had a chance to discover KoChix, Shaw's answer to BonChon and quite possibly DC's best Korean chicken makers (at least until BonChon opens at The Yards later this year.)

It goes without saying, I really love BonChon; but KoChix makes a fine substitute, especially when one doesn't want to go all the way out to Fairfax or Rockville for their KFC "fix." I placed an order with Caviar for a Combo Wings and Drumsticks (4 drumsticks, 7 wings) and French Fries at 5:39 PM. By 6:04, it was done and on its way. 24 minutes (and 3+ miles) later, it was at my front door. That's plenty fast for a Friday night during the height of rush hour.

French Fries

Food was piping hot too (nice!) save for the fries, which were starting to soften just a little. No big deal, as they only cost $1.99 ($3.99 for a Large.) In terms of taste, unremarkable leaps to mind. Sad to say, they taste like 90% of all French fries (frozen, fried and uninspired.) But one doesn't travel to 400 Florida Avenue, NW (former home to DC's last Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips) for French fries. One does go there for really good Korean fried chicken however.

Seven wings and four drumsticks may not sound like much; but be warned, it's a lot of food (especially for one person, even a greedy one like yours truly.) You get a choice of three sauces (Honey Spicy, Hot Spicy and Soy Garlic... I took the former & latter) and KoChix is even careful enough to separate both flavors by wax paper. One look, and I was hooked: Each piece was big, crunchy and full of meat. Honey Spicy packs more heat, and won by a nose over the richer Soy Garlic. My only regret? Not getting to try Hot Spicy: Guess who has to place another order?

KoChix definitely double-fries their chicken (no shortcuts here.) It's not as crispy as BonChon (thinner coating) but it's a heck of a lot stickier. That stickiness (especially the Honey Spicy) pays big dividends, especially when paired with a really thick drumstick. To be honest, I may never eat regular fried chicken again: It simply pales in comparison to Korean-style. Hmm... Who's kidding who. You and I both know that's a lie; but you get my drift, right? It's downright delicious.

Their menu doesn't stop there either. KoChix also sells Bibimbap (BBQ with vegetables & rice) Cheeseburgers and Philly Cheesesteaks. Perhaps even more intoxicating... Fried Clams and Fish & Chips (a nod to Arthur Treacher's? Let's hope so!) Time for a road trip.