Friday, February 6, 2015

Gold Movie Review

Maisie Williams and David Wilmot (r) star in Gold

Shoot for the Gold 

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: Out of their lives for 12 years, Ray (David Wilmot) is on a mission to re-connect with his ex-girlfriend, and teenage daughter (Maisie Williams) who live with his former controlling and regimented P.E. teacher (James Nesbitt.) Unfortunately his efforts to bridge the gap with his daughter seem to lead to chaos turning any good intentions he may have into comic catastrophe.

Gold certainly won't be confused with Father Knows Best. Slacker dad Ray pops up after 12 years, and winds up sabotaging his "family" in the process. That's a harsh interpretation, but Ray is the kind of guy nobody wants to see. Daughter Abbie says it best, "This is getting uncomfortable. I'm going to my room until you're gone." Gold has moments of sentimentality and plenty of humor (Frank's hilarious instructional videos) but it's next-to-impossible to root for Ray, especially when he cries foul, "It's my family too." No Ray, it's not. Refreshingly real, with great visuals of suburban Ireland.