Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Ghost Pepper Wings Review

Ghost Pepper Wings

Give credit to Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen: They're not one to rest on their laurels. Every other month, they seem to debut yet another new menu item. This month it's the mysteriously named Ghost Pepper Wings... a steal of deal at just $3.99 for six wings and a biscuit. How does it stack up to their other specials? Read on.For starters, Popeye's fills their orders a lot faster than previous visits.

I had to wait only three minutes or so for my eat-in order (just before noon, and with at least five customers behind me in line.) The cashier was efficient, but short on charm. He also placed my order in a takeaway bag, despite my request to dine in. My wings & biscuit were tucked inside a smart looking container (see below) and both items were piping hot.

Smart-looking packaging

The inclusion of a biscuit is a major plus. Popeye's biscuits are out-of-this-world delicious, and this one was particularly buttery, crunchy and hot. A- for the biscuit alone. Unfortunately the wings were once again small and overcooked. Well done on the inside (the coating was fine) with very little meat, and almost zero juiciness. Before you cross Popeye's off your bucket list, it's worth noting... what little meat there was, was still very tender. The exterior was hot in temperature and flavor; but I couldn't tell the difference between "Ghost Pepper" and their regular wings. "Taste the mystery," perhaps; but good luck, figuring out what it is/was.

Oddly enough, I'd go back and order them again tomorrow: The price is fair, they're quite tasty and make a good snack. I can live with overcooking; but the lack of meat is a genuine concern, especially when you consider how much more meat you get with almost every other kind of chicken sold here. Did I mention it comes with a biscuit? That's more than enough reason to try them at least once.