Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Medium Rare Offers to Cook Your Holiday Turkey, Help Keep You Safe

From our friends at Medium Rare...

According to the National Restaurant Association, over 30 million people rely, at least in part, on restaurants for their Thanksgiving meal. While Medium Rare, a Washington D.C. restaurant with two locations, will be closed that day, it will still be a part of many local families’ dinner this holiday. Medium Rare is offering to deep fry turkeys for those in the public, so they can have all the delicious flavor, without all the fuss or the accompanying danger of doing it at home.

“This is a tradition that I started back in 2008 and it helps keep people safe from accidents they may have trying to fry their own,” explains Mark Bucher, co-owner of Medium Rare, with two locations in the D.C. area. “It’s great to be able to give back to the community like this and provide them with a service. We look forward to frying up more than we did last year, making new friends and helping people to have an even more memorable Thanksgiving.”

Bucher will be frying the turkeys for those who bring them to the new Capital Hill, Barracks Row location. For those who would like to participate, keep the following in mind:

•  The turkey frying is free, but you do have to supply the turkey.

•  Take a completely thawed 8-10 pound turkey to be fried.

•  Those participating will need to have their own container to put the turkey in while transporting it to and from the restaurant.

•  While they always get to everyone, the service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those who want their turkey fried by Medium Rare can take it 515 8th Street S.E. in the Capital Hill area on Thursday, November 27, 2014, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The turkeys will be cooked using a deep frying method. There will also be hot cider and coffee, as well as the Macy’s parade playing on TV. The cooking service is free, but those feel they want to contribute, donations will be collected for DC’s “Ready, Willing and Working” charity.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help all of these people prepare their holiday meal,” added Bucher. “I look forward to seeing a lot of smiling faces and thawed turkeys on Thanksgiving morning.”

For those who would like to deep fry their turkey at home, Bucher suggests doing the following:

•  Get a fire extinguisher and keep it nearby throughout the process. If the oil ignites, step away from it and use the extinguisher (not water) to put it out.

•  Make sure your turkey is completely thawed out and dry.

•  Add oil to the fryer (clean canola or corn oil), and heat to the 350 degree mark. Under fill the fryer by 15 percent, since the oil will expand once it’s hot.

•  While the oil is heating up, take time to get the turkey ready for frying, by adding any seasonings, marinades, or other flavors to it.

•  Once the oil has heated to the proper temperature lower the turkey into the fryer. If it is not totally immersed, that is okay; but the part not immersed in the oil will likely remain a lighter color, even once it's cooked to the proper temperature.

•  Cook the turkey for four minutes per pound. Test it to see if it’s ready. The dark meat should have a internal temperature of around 180 degrees, while the white meat should be 170 degrees.

•  Once it is done cooking, slowly lift it out of the fryer and set it somewhere it can drain on paper towels. Let it sit in the rack for at least 20 minutes before removing and carving.

•  Dispose of the oil properly, by taking it to a local restaurant. During this Turkey fry, Bucher will donate the oil and use it to make bio diesel.

Bucher is a serial entrepreneur, who was the originator and founder of a groundbreaking burger establishment in the DC area. He started cooking when he was six and has worked some of D.C.’s busiest restaurants and with world renowned chefs. Today, his focus is on Medium Rare, which specializes in only steak frites and their secret sauce. The wildly successful restaurant offers its signature items “steak and fries” in a fun and relaxed neighborhood environment. The restaurants open at 5 pm for dinner nightly, and for brunch on the weekends. The Cleveland Park restaurant is at 3500 Connecticut Ave, N.W., while the Capital Hill location is at 515 8th Street S.E. For more information, visit the site at:

About Medium Rare:
Medium Rare is a restaurant that has two locations in the Washington D.C. area. The restaurant specializes in steak frites (steak and fries), and is famous for its secret sauce on the steak. In addition to their popular dinner, they also serve a weekend brunch, and end every meal with a piece of Bazooka gum. For more information, visit the site: