Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GRK Fresh Greek Food Review III

Turkey Pita with Sweet Potato Fries

Who knew GRK Fresh Greek served the best turkey in town? Surely not me; and I'm one of their biggest fans. Already home to DC Outlook's favorite French fries and gyro, GRK Fresh Greek's latest accolade is perhaps its' most surprising (it's a limited-time-only item) and well-deserved honor. Any way you slice it, GRK's flavorful turkey is good enough to center any dining table in town.

Available as a yeero or a full plate (served with Sweet Potato Fries) turkey should become a permanent fixture on the menu. Yes, I love the chicken (and the beef/lamb and pork) but combining dark and white meat is a stroke of genius... the best of the both worlds, each expertly prepared for ultimate freshness. White meat gets all the credit, although dark meat (in my humble opinion) is far more flavorful. It's so good in fact, I found myself plucking pieces of it with just my fingers.

Turkey Yeero

There's more. The sweet potato fries aren't as good as GRK's regular fries (none are) but they're the best seasoned sweet potatoes around. My only complaint? I wish they were a tiny bit crispier; but that's nit-picking to the nth degree. Normally lost in a yeero, GRK's Aegean Slaw shines on its own... brightly-colored, crispy and bursting with flavor. I may even request more in my next yeero; or perhaps a bigger yeero (decisions, decisions.) Last but not least, GRK Fresh Greek adds cranberry to its silky smooth tzatziki sauce: The result is amazing... extra delicious, yet still smooth. Word has it: GRK plans on introducing a new sweet tzatziki (one made with honey) soon. Hopefully, they'll keep the cranberry handy too: It's a great change of pace to my usual, spicier Kaftero.

At first glance, GRK Fresh Greek's menu appears simple; but I love the fact that they're not afraid to try something new. The additions of turkey, cranberry tzatziki and sweet potato fries are holiday-inspired, no doubt; but truth be told, they leap near/to the top of the menu (I'm skipping leftovers this year, and going straight back to GRK on Friday.) They're closed on Thanksgiving day; but Managing Director Alex Alevras plans on keeping turkey on the menu for another week or so. If enough people like it (not sure how they couldn't) they might keep it longer. I know what I'll be wishing for, if I find the wishbone this year. I also know where YOU should be having lunch on Friday. With me, at GRK Fresh Greek.