Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille Food Review

Sliders and Fries at The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille anchors Verizon Center; and last time out, I found value and good wings at their concession stand. What does that mean? Another visit, of course. I still haven't made my way into their main restaurant; but they're fast becoming my favorite concession stop for Capitals and Wizards games.

Last week's visit coincided with the Caps' home opener; and I got hungry, right after the start of the second period. Verizon Center has some new food options (on the Club level) but nothing grabbed me. Time to head downstairs to the main concourse, where I came this close to stopping at The Sandwich District. Pressing on, I found old reliable... The Green Turtle. Their menu always seems to grab me, as does their fan-friendly prices (most items cost $9.) I settled on Sliders and Fries.

What troubles me at Verizon (and almost every other pro sports venue) is customer service. It's usually bad... very bad. I can live with sub par food: Just don't kick me when I'm down, with rudeness and surliness. Thankfully, the staff at Green Turtle was friendly, professional (talk about rare) and most importantly... flexible. I didn't want cheese on my sliders; and usually, that creates a huge problem (not sure why.) The order taker here, simply replied with, "no problem." Amen, hallelujah. Truth be told, why can't other places handle such a simple request?

For a beverage, I went with a Souvenir Soda ($9.) Before you clutch your chest in dismay, keep in mind... you get unlimited free refills as opposed to just one (via sticker) at other places. As luck would have it, by the time I got thirsty again (less than 10 minutes into the third period) all the concession stands were closed. Today's lesson? Buy early.

As for the Sliders and Fries... color me impressed. For starters, the fries were nice & hot (last time, they were ice cold.) You also get a generous amount. Speaking of, two sliders may not look like much, but it's actually the perfect amount. Dressed simply with just a pickle, they literally slid down a tunnel of deliciousness (OK, I'm taking way too many liberties with the English language. Please forgive me.) Great meat (once again, served hot) but I would have preferred toasted buns. Even cold, they hit the spot. Finally, a solid meal at a Capitals game. Cue angels singing.

Atmosphere: N/A (It's inside a sports arena, not The Inn at Little Washington.)
Burger: B- (Great sliders. Cold buns.)
Fries: B (Darn good for a change, and hot too.)
Service: B+ (Best ever at Verizon concessions.)
Value: B (Soda is steep, unless you take advantage of free refills.)
Overall: B (Impressive. Could I finally have a "go-to" stop inside Verizon?)