Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cascade Ice ORGANIC Sparkling Waters Review

I literally live on Cascade Ice Sparkling Waters; so it comes as no surprise, that I'd leap at the chance to review their new line of ORGANIC Sparkling Waters. Don't get me wrong: I like water as much as the next person; but sparkling is where it's at, and only a "fool" gulps soda anymore (fear not, if I'm talking about you... there's still time to change.)

Speaking of gulping, that's what I've been doing for the past year or so, since discovering Cascade Ice. Their Orange Mango literally changed my life (dramatic, no? but true.) I stock up when they go on sale (you can often find them for under a dollar each.) Recently CVS and Walgreens came up with "house brand" versions; but they're just not the same. If I'm gonna pass on Coke & Pepsi, the alternative better taste good: Cascade Ice does, and then some.

New to the fold, ORGANIC Sparkling Waters (six flavors in total) provides premium water with carbonation and... USDA-certified organic fruit essences (extracts and oils.) They're packaged in 17.2 oz. bottles and most importantly, have no calories, caffeine, sodium or sugar. No sweeteners either (take that soda) which makes diet pops an even more dangerous alternative to regular soda.

Taking health out of the equation for just a moment, I was most concerned about taste. The USDA organic seal means a product has at least 95% organic content. Will it taste as good as I'm used to? After trying five of the six new flavors (Blueberry, Citrus Twist, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime and Lemon Zest) I must admit, Orange Mango remains the best; but I love the opportunity to add some new (and very unique) flavors to my rotation.

Tops amongst them... Blueberry, which packs the most powerful punch of the lot (I haven't tried Mixed Berry, it wasn't available for my review.) Grapefruit was a close second; although I realize it might be a bit bitter for some. Citrus Twist provides the most familiar taste, and makes a fine starter. I expected more from Lemon Lime (it's not Sprite, that's for sure) but tastes better than Lemon Zest, easily the weakest of the bunch (sadly no punch.) I'd love to see Blackberry or Raspberry options; but I imagine Mixed Berry takes care of the latter quite nicely.

Skipping soda requires innovative thinking at times; and I mixed my three favorites with (1) cranberry juice and (2) Pomegranate Juice. Club soda usually does the trick, but I must admit: Blueberry and Grapefruit add a nice pop to both juices (especially the cranberry.) Feel free to play around on your own: The best things are often discovered by accident, or crazy scientific experiments.

Whether or not you decide to go with regular Cascade Ice or their new ORGANIC versions, know this... You're doing your body an amazing service (not to mention your taste buds... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try Orange Mango.) You can find a complete list of retailers that stock either/or by clicking here. Get ready to "call it off" with Mr. Coca Cola and Ms. Pepsi... It's time to move on to new and better "relationships." To learn more about each individual product, click here. Drink on!