Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friendship Gourmet Market Food Review

Sausage & Onion Pizza

Sometimes the road less traveled leads to new discoveries. Case in point, Friendship Gourmet Market, just west of Wisconsin Avenue near Friendship Heights. An unscheduled "walk around the block" uncovered this little gem which doubles triples as a deli, grocery store and wine shop.

Their menu is surprisingly extensive; but don't expect necessarily high quality. Do expect affordable pricing, polite service and (sad to say) a relatively long wait... at least where pizzas are concerned. I ordered a SMALL Plain Pizza with Sausage and Onion for $7.99 ($6.99 + $.50 per topping) which arrived about 20 minutes later. Seating is comfortable (more than half-a-dozen cozy tables, across from the cashier/deli area) and there's a TV to keep singles (or bored couples) company.

My pizza was nicely sized (MEDIUM & LARGE are also available for $8.99 and $10.99 respectively) and is brought to your table. It comes dusted with parmesan cheese (wish they'd ask) and arrives piping hot. The crust is wafer thin and delicious: It has a very unique taste, and coupled with yet another surprise (rich tomato sauce) makes for a darn good pie. Sausage was OK; but I'd probably save a buck, and stick with plain next time.

The rest of the market is... interesting. There are very few groceries (although they sell hard-to-find Joe Chips.) It seems to make most of its money from the beer and vino, which fills up half the space. They also serve hot breakfast (yes, I'll be back) and I imagine their following is a loyal one. Their pizza is better than average, and provides a welcome break from the market's better known, nearby competitors. Not sure if it's destination worthy; but I think you'll like it.