Thursday, August 14, 2014

Woodward Takeout Food (WTF) Food Review

WTF's Famous Chick Chick

Another day, another incredible sandwich in the nation's capital. Perhaps it has something to do with the tides (two straight Supermoons?) Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stop. The latest establishment to help rouse my inner DagwoodWoodward Takeout Food (WTF) at 15th & H Streets, NW... a few blocks east of the White House. To a lesser eye, it may seem like a step down from its more upscale sibling (Woodward Table, conveniently located next door) but make no mistake... WTF is a top-flight eatery, all by its lonesome.

Don't blink twice: You might find yourself at the back of a quick-forming line, if you're not careful (and that's before noon.) My experience began with Ashley, WTF's friendly cashier extraordinaire. She took my order for a Chick Chick sandwich (only $9.95 + $1 tax.) It doesn't come with chips or fries; but who cares, when you're dealing with perfection.

Uh oh, there's that word again. Perfection. Let's try another one, as in "Wow!" That's what slipped out of my mouth, a mere four or five minutes after placing my order. It could be used to describe WTF's lightning fast kitchen; but it's actually what I uttered, the moment I unwrapped my sandwich. The Chick Chick (fried chicken breast, bread & butter pickles, bacon, Boston lettuce, cranberry relish and mayonnaise on a toasted bun) is a BIG sandwich, even without pickles and mayo. The first thing I noticed was a bright green leaf of fresh lettuce. From there, it's on to two generous slices of bacon... so big, they literally stick out of the sandwich. Next, the most incredible, luscious fried chicken breast I've ever encountered in my life. It sat on top of a sweet spread of cranberry relish, tucked inside what I thought was a croissant (that's how buttery & flaky the bun was.) In terms of looks alone, this sandwich was a home run. Little did I know, it was about to get even better.

The Chick Chick is the most popular sandwich on WTF's menu; and it's no wonder why. I can't begin to describe just how delicious the chicken breast was. You won't find a thicker, flakier breast of chicken anywhere in town. Seriously. It's so good, they could sell it (the breast) on its own; and folks would still line up to buy it. Speaking of lines, halfway through my lunch... I counted 13 lucky diners in queue, half of whom ordered the Chick Chick. Evidently, word travels fast. The only negative? My bacon was a tad underdone. Still relatively crispy, but two more minutes would have been ideal.

Busy, busy (even before noon)

I can't tell you what type of bread was used (I swear, it tasted like a croissant) yet alone how WTF gets away with charging only 10 bucks for it. What I do know is, I'll be back next week to have it again. I'm not ready to declare it the best sandwich in DC (Bryan Voltaggio's Lunchbox still leads by a nose) but it's certainly the best fried chicken in the DMV, hands down (and no bones about it.) Their biscuits are supposed to be legendary as well: Add "breakfast at WTF" to next week's busy schedule. Hopefully, you and I will bump into each other; and then we'll both be assured of a fantastic meal.

Click here to see WTF's full Breakfast menu, and here for their Lunch menu.