Monday, July 21, 2014

Micho's Lebanese Grill Food Review

The ever-evolving H Street Corridor adds a new gem to its culinary arsenal with the addition of Micho's Lebanese Grill. Micho's officially opened last Friday, and hosted an informal media preview yesterday. Given my love of Lebanese food, I couldn't wait to try it. Less than 24 hours later, I can't wait to go back.

Located about four blocks away from Union Station, Micho's sits at the outer limits of the Capitol Hill walk-to-lunch crowd; but those folks would be well advised to make the trek, especially if the staff is half as nice as they were yesterday. Lebanese people are well known for their hospitality, and Micho's is certainly no exception. Within two minutes, I felt like I was "part of the family." Micho's is perfectly situated at the corner of 5th and H Streets, NE; and instantly becomes the jewel of the block.

Micho's Wrap

The space is casual and comfortable... No need to dress up, but I bet you'll want to come back almost right away. Exposed brick and a working, wall-mounted gas fireplace give it an even further homey feel, and there's room for about 40 to eat comfortably inside (Micho's also has an outdoor patio with four spacious tables/no chairs.) The interior gets plenty of natural light, but attractive track lighting eliminates any concerns of seeing everything (especially your food.)


The food is worth the trip alone; although co-owner Fady Jourbran's daughter Rachel ranks a close second. She's easily one of the nicest hostesses I've come across, in a long time. It takes about 10 seconds with her dad to know where her charming personality comes from: Fady is a joy to be around, and you get the impression he'd do anything to make your dining experience both enjoyable and memorable. The great service doesn't stop there: Fellow owners Jad Abla and Micho Dawaliby (Chef, formerly of Lebanese Taverna) were just as hospitable, walking the room and taking a vested interest in how everyone was doing (media and regular customers alike.)

French Fries

As for the food, what's not to like? For fast casual, it's downright delicious. You have to try one of their Shawarma wraps (served on white or wheat pita.) I couldn't decide between chicken, lamb & beef; so I chose all three in Micho's Wrap ($7.50.) Look for butterfly roasted chicken and thin-cut lamb & beef, wrapped with lettuce, pickle and french fries (inside the sandwich... different) with a nice coating of Micho's own dip. It's hard to notice the fries at all; so don't be afraid to ask for a side order (all sides cost $4.50, but you get a lot of fries.) The fries are seasoned perfectly, hand-cut (the fry cutter is within plain view of customers) and nice & hot. My only complaint (and I use that word very loosely) is I wish they were twice-fried (I like my fries crispy.) Regardless, they taste great; and that's what's important.

Salad with Pickled Turnips

Their falafel is top-notch, moist & flavorful on the inside with a great crunch. I'm not used to seeing it served covered in sauce (it looks like a dessert) but it's actually quite practical. A small salad featuring lettuce, tomato and pickled cucumbers & turnips was a welcome addition (not sure if it was just given to me, to try; or if it's served with all wraps) but believe me when I tell you... I could chomp down on an entire bowl of those pickled turnips (a popular Lebanese meze.) I can't wait to ask if I can buy a tall jar of 'em. Save room for dessert... a sensibly sized portion of Baklava, that's equal parts flaky and sweet (and cheap, only $1.25.)


H Street, NE continues to grow by leaps and bounds; but it still needs plenty of improvements. Micho's addition is a big step in the right direction; and locals already seem to be embracing it, despite being just days old. Great staff, good food and tons of potential... Sounds (and tastes) like a winner to me. Check back in a week or two, for a Kafta review (and an update on my pursuit of pickled turnips.) Fingers crossed.

Busy... even on a late Sunday afternoon

Owner Fady Jourbran and daughter Rachel (behind counter)

Where the "Magic" happens

French Fry Cutter

Working Fireplace

Patio Seating