Monday, July 21, 2014

Fat Pete's Barbecue Food Review II

Chopped Brisket BBQ Sandwich

At least it's getting betterFat Pete's Barbecue makes great solid strides on my second visit (carry-out) but is it enough to change my overall tune? Not quite, but if they'd stop serving cold barbecue, perhaps we could talk.

My first visit (on opening day) was a disaster; so Fat Pete's had nowhere else to go but up. Today's order was for a Chopped Brisket BBQ sandwich, a "steal of a deal" at just $9.99 (which includes one side.) The chalkboard outside, still boasts about serving "DC's Best BBQ," a flat out lie... one that should be erased ASAP. For one thing, can you really trust a self-proclamation as Gospel? If that's the case, could someone please tell Kate Upton that the best looking guy in America would love to take her out to dinner. She'll obviously know you're referring to me.

Corn Bread... still amazing

Placing a phone order was easy as pie (zero difficulty in communicating) and I was told it would take 10 minutes to process. It's still (too) dark inside, but our order was ready as promised. Fat Pete's advertises its Chopped Brisket as "Texas style brisket, black pepper rubbed and smoked for 18 hrs., chopped and sauced." I saw no evidence of sauce; so make sure to ask for some. On a positive note, you get a ton of brisket (it was literally falling out on all sides) but sadly both the potato roll and the brisket itself were ice cold. That makes twice in a row (AKA the proverbial nail in the coffin.)

It's a shame too, since the brisket was quite tasty. One small container of sauce isn't enough to properly cover it, but the meat has a natural flavor that's good on its own. I actually ate every bite (including any parts that fell out.) Imagine how much better it would have been, served warm or hot. The bun looked toasted (a tiny bit) but that must have been some time ago (as in before I ordered it... the potato bun was very soft to the touch. Had it been recently toasted, it would have been somewhat crispy.)

As for the corn bread, I'm ready to label it "Top 5 caliber." It had real corn kernels inside, was cooked perfectly and tasted absolutely delicious. Stay clear of the Apple Honey Butter, which had melted to the point of requiring a straw to apply (as opposed to a knife.) Gross. Thankfully, the bread is so good... it needs nothing on top of it.

We're making (slow) progress; but I have to question the sanity of serving cold barbecue (twice.) Knowing me, I'll give them one more try (I live a block away, and we share the same name) but if they muck it up a third time, I'll have to complain. At least they're showing some improvement.