Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boston Market Food Review II

Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Ribs

It may go against culinary logic; but I love, love, love Boston Market. Cinnamon Apples? Love 'em. Corn bread? Yum! Mashed Potatoes (with gravy?) Two orders please. No lie, it's probably one of my top 25 places to eat. So it goes without saying, I simply had to try their St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs with Kentucky Bourbon sauce. Are Boston Market's ribs really "a cut above the rest?"

Unfortunately, no. Available for a limited time, a ¼ rack with two sides sets you back a cool $10.99; but you'd be much better off ordering chicken, turkey or even meatloaf. For starters, the Kentucky Bourbon sauce is almost syrupy sweet (no smoke, as promised) and ultimately overwhelming. The meat (what little there is) is salty, but arrives cold as ice. Fatty skin completes the package; but "fatty" and "salty" are hardly the kindest endorsements, are they?

Thankfully, each meal comes with a mini loaf of corn bread and two sides (two orders of Mashed Potatoes with gravy for yours truly.) That's almost enough to make anything else on the plate taste good by mere association. Service is stellar (almost always is) and your meal is delivered straight to your table on an actual plate. Booths are nice & cozy, and you even get a moist towelette for later. What's not to like?

Sadly, the aforementioned ribs. Worst of all, they cost a full three bucks more than half a chicken (dark meat) with the same amount of sides. Take a look at the above picture: Would you choose three tiny pieces of almost meatless ribs over half a chicken? Of course not. To Boston Market's credit, I'd still rate the entire meal as a positive experience. After all, I'd probably pay the same $10.99 for two orders of mash and a piece of corn bread, if I had to.

My advice? Leave the barbecue to someone (anyone) else; and stick to what you do best. Moist chicken, tender meatloaf and some of the best sides in the fast food industry. Did I mention you can get a dozen corn breads for just $3.99? I still love Boston Market, and always will... just not for their ribs.