Sunday, June 29, 2014

48th Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Day 5

I took a day off between visits to this year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival... something festival organizers plan on doing as well (the 48th annual Festival resumes Wednesday, July 2nd, after a two-day hiatus.) Our focus today was squarely on Kenya: Mambo Po, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Despite staying clear of the food tents (no easy task - the smell was incredible) I (and thousands of others) were able to soak in a small sample of what makes this East African oasis so special.

This year's festival wraps up next Sunday, July 6th. Click here to learn more, including daily schedules, directions and evening concert information. Click here to follow the Festival on Twitter.

Ngoma Stage - Cultural Connections

Rural Life in Kenya

Boma Stage: Crafts from the Land

Clay Works

Basket Weaving

Wood Carving

Bead and Jewelry Making

Who's Hungry?