Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boston Market Food Review

Signature Rotisserie Half Chicken Meal

Subpar mashed potatoes at Boston Market? Are you kidding? Impossible. Not so fast. Almost all of us have an off-day every now and then... even my beloved Boston Market (yes, I love them. Sue me.) Look no further than my most recent visit, one marred by slow service and tasteless chicken/mash. Serenity now!

It didn't start that way. The friendly staff at Courthouse (my favorite Boston Market location) did all they could to make my latest visit, as special as all the rest. That meant some creative cash register magic to "push through" my $2 coupon (muchas gracias!) It also meant a near flawless order for a Signature Rotisserie Half Chicken Meal ($8.59) with two sides and a loaf of corn bread. One of my sides (Cinnamon Apples) would take an "extra 2½ minutes," but the rest of my meal (including a 32 oz. fountain drink and six extra corn breads, $1.99 each) would be brought over to my table.

Cinnamon Apples

Boston Market now provides table service, which is greatly appreciated; but opens the door for potential mishaps. Case in point: My order of Cinnamon Apples (Flavorful apples glazed with sweet Korintje cinnamon and brown sugar.) Instead of taking 2½ minutes as promised, they took more than 20 to arrive. 20+! If someone hadn't been nice enough to check in on me, I may never have gotten them. When I'm reviewing, I let mistakes "ride out," rather than cause a fuss. Thankfully they did: The apples were hot & delicious.

As for the rest of the meal... I wish I could be as kind. The mashed potatoes had no salt whatsoever, saved only by Boston Market's fabulous gravy. Still, I know the difference (and expect more.) The chicken was also disappointing... equally zestless, although well-cooked. Great value, but pedestrian in taste. Not exactly par for the course. A saving grace? Look no further than BM's "to-die-for" corn bread. I finished four total, and took three home: They're nothing shorty of a-mazing.

6-Pcs. Cornbread

Far from my best visit, Boston Market still manages to score points with great background music, loads of kindness, and a very clean dining room. Even their disposable soda cups looked nice. When you've stored up this much good will, you can afford to slip up now and then. Fingers crossed it won't happen again. I can live with 20-minute waits; but don't mess with my mashed potatoes!